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--Carl Franz Says:

Judging from the stack of mail that teeters on the corner of my desk, there is a rapidly growing interest in the idea of retiring to Mexico. As far as I’m concerned, this trend is both healthy and long overdue. In fact, I’ve been predicting since the Sixties that Americans and Canadians would soon wake up and realize that living in Mexico offers many advantages to toughing it out in the chilly North.

My favorite place to sit in Bucerias, Nayarit is under the rooftop palapa of "The Bar Above", a fantastic martini and dessert bar owned by Buddy, who makes the world's best chocolate soufflé. It is inevitable that I will be joined by one or two old-timers, that is, people who have been traveling to Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas since the beginning of time. Without fail, as they gaze across the glittering lights of the bay, they say the same thing, “Boy, things sure have changed. I remember when Puerto Vallarta was just a little fishing village.”....(more) by Robin Noelle

Timeshare Resales

Many people see timeshares in a negative light. However, sale-by-owner timeshares - also called timeshare resales - are different than resort offered timeshares. For one thing, resales are often thousands less than resort-offered property.... (more) article donated by Sell My Timeshare Now

Quality of Life vs. Standard of Living,

I hope this e-mail finds you well! I have been reading the People's Guide books and web site for several years now and love it!....I always see the old "can I live in 'so and so' for X amount of money" questions. It always makes me laugh because I couldn't even answer a question like that about my little English village I've lived in for the last 3 years. People all over the world generally live on what they have?....

In the States 'standard of living' is a big deal and the standard of living is quite high for average Americans. In most other countries that I've lived in (especially the siesta culture), it is more about quality of life....How tolerant are the people to busking (street musicians)?... (more) emails from Bill J and responses from Carl Franz

The regulations on the sale of real property to foreigners are found in the Mexican Foreign Investment Law. An American (or any foreign national) can acquire land almost anywhere in Mexico with the permission of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The only exception in the Foreign Investment Law is that foreigners may not acquire directly real property in the "restricted zone".

The restricted zone is the strip of land 100 km from the border and 50 km from the beach. If a foreigner wishes to acquire land in the restricted zone, he or she may enter into a trust agreement with a Mexican bank.... (more) by Jonathan A. Pikoff, Esq.

When you are told the Mexican Notario Publico will charge $3,000 dollars to make you the beneficiary of a trust on a Mexican beachfront condo, you certainly know things are different in Mexico. This article will clarify the misconception that commonly occurs when individuals familiar with the Texas Office of Notary Public encounter a Mexican Notario Publico.

Despite sharing a common linguistic derivation, these two titles convey vastly different responsibilities upon their respective officeholders.... (more) by Jonathan A. Pikoff, Esq. and Charles J. Crimmins

¿Moving to Mexico with a teenage daughter?

Hi! My husband, myself and our 8 year old daughter are looking into relocating to Mexico in approx. 8 years. Can you give me your thoughts on what life would be like for a family with a teenager moving to, perhaps, the Mazatlan area? I'm mostly concerned that she has a community in which she can be comfortable in, kids her own age to hangout with and be a teenager with.... (more) answered by Art Jones

¿Can I Find Computer Work in Puerto Vallarta?

I'm a Sr. Computer Guy... I have enough cash to relocate there and probably live for a year or so on my savings... however, I'd like to go into some type of work. What type of work I can get in Puerto Vallarta.... (more) Answer by Robert Foster

Hola Lorena and Carl: as you predicted, since you published my first letter concerning life here in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, I' ve been getting a ton of letters asking about retirement and other prolonged stays. The most common question these folks have is, "How much is it gonna cost me each month to live in Mazatlan.? ... (more) by Art Jones

I traveled extensively in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica for about a year before I settled in Mazatlan.... I guess I stayed here because of the Centro Historico. The old port of Mazatlan is absolutely enchanting. It is almost like living in a small port village. It is very easy to forget that we are surrounded by a fairly large city. It has a kinda Mediterranean feeling. (more) by Arthur Jones

Owning and Operating a Small Business in Mexico

The biggest obstacles the new investor/small business owner faces are the lack of familiarity with the government regulations and, for many, the inability to communicate in Spanish. With a little time and patience, both major obstacles can be overcome.... (more) by Bill Masterson

I'm Moving to Ajijic

I just have to tell you....I am moving to Ajijic.... I even fell and sprained BOTH of my ankles in the middle of the main street in Chapala ....but ..... altho I quieted down for a day...I wrapped them and the next day I walked some more. I told my traveling companion later that my ankles slowing me down some were the reason the place that I found to rent happened.... (more) by Marilyn Geary-Symons

San Cristobal de las Casas: What About Living There?

Living in San Cristobal is a great experience. The city is truly a jewel. It's peaceful and offers all modern conveniences. It's relatively well connected and will be even more in the near future with two new roads under construction (Tuxtla-San Cristobal and Tuxtla-Mexico City)..... There are plenty of schools. In particular there is a grade school that warmly welcomes foreign children. Middle and upper education is offered through the government education system and at least a dozen private institutions. San Cristobal has historically been an educational and cultural center. (more) by Robert Rivas-Bastedas

How many Americans live in Mexico? Another Perspective from Linda Fox

I thought your article about the number of US folks living in Mexico was pretty good, but also thought it needed more clarification. I've lived off and on in Zihuatanejo for 30 years. We have our full time US residents that have their migration cards and we have our half-time (usually Canadian) who live in Zihuat about 6 months a year and ..... (more)

Why are Carl and Lorena Living in Ajijic?

After reading your book, it is obvious that you are a true expert on expatriate living in Mexico. From that vantage point, it comes as a minor surprise that you live in Ajijic, But, I respect your perspective on living in Mexico, so my question is: In your opinion, is the Lakeside area the best locale for expatriates who are not averse to immersion in an authentic Mexican cultural experience? Carl Responds.... (more)

Yanks Abroad: How Many Americans Really Live In Mexico?

One of the key factors that comes into play when most people consider moving to another country is how many of their fellow countrymen are already there. For all of our professed desire for independence, when push comes to shove, most of us really want to be in relatively close proximity to some people that are similar to us.... (more) by Bill Masterson

Living near Puerto Vallarta: Q&A: Susan Asks Robert Foster

I have some questions, and my neighbors in Punta Mita have been more than generous in sharing information, but they are "high maintenance" retirees and will only settle for "the best". I am less chauvinistic and am definitely budget minded. so....... 1): Recommendations on where to shop for furniture? 2): I'm going to need a car. 3): I'd like to get an english language paper....(more)

Gardening in Mexico?

I am writing because I would like more information about gardening and farming in the area around Guadalajara. I haven't been able to find much about agriculture in Mexico. By "farming", I mean, growing fruits and vegetables, and maybe a few animals for food..... (more) from Frank Hodge

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