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Puerto Vallarta

Can I be a Real Estate Agent in Puerto Vallarta?

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent here and am wondering if I would be able to continue with real estate sales in PV. Would I have to become re qualified to practice in some way? I realize the unemployment rates are high there. Is it practical for me to pursue employment?.... (more) Reply by Bill Masterson

•¿Can I Find Computer Work in Puerto Vallarta?

I'm a Sr. Computer Guy... I have enough cash to relocate there and probably live for a year or so on my savings... however, I'd like to go into some type of work. What type of work I can get in Puerto Vallarta.... (more) Answer by Robert Foster

•Building in Puerto Vallarta

"Could you tell me what one would would expect to pay for new construction per sq ft in Nuevo Vallarta today?..." .... (more) Q&A: Charles Sloan & Robert Foster

•Living near Puerto Vallarta: Q & A: Susan Asks Robert Foster

I have some questions, and my neighbors in Punta Mita have been more than generous in sharing information, but they are "high maintenance" retirees and will only settle for "the best". I am less chauvinistic and am definitely budget minded. so....... 1): Recommendations on where to shop for furniture? 2): I'm going to need a car. 3): I'd like to get an english language paper....(more)

•Letters about Puerto Vallarta

Renting in PV for a Month? Bus from PV to Guadalajara? PV in January? •Tattoos in Puerto Vallarta? You're my Folk Heroes! Driving from Laredo to PV?

•Living & Working in Puerto Vallarta? Part II

While considering a relocation move to Mexico many questions arise. First, being Money! How much will we need to live nicely (not extravagant) in a quiet neighbor in Mexico? In the beginning we would like to rent. I have always worked and mostly enjoyed my career. Don't know if I am ready to fully retire yet. Will we be able to work if we want or need too?.... (more) Questions from Lisa & Rick, Answered by Robert & Deborah Foster

We want to move to Puerto Vallarta. Part I

We fell in love w/ PV the first time we vacationed there. Have gone other places but, always loved returning to PV. 10 days at a time, however, is not enough to experience a lifestyle. We would like to try relocating to PV & see if we can call it home.

Any hints on how to get started & where to find a rental on a month to month basis for 3 month to 1 year would be welcomed. Since we cannot generate an income in Mexico, we will need to stay on a budget. Is renting for $600 to $800 reasonable. I like the idea of being close to activities yet not on top of them. From Lisa & Rick

Robert Foster responds

You will have a wide range of properties to choose from in the $600 to 800 per month area. Obviously, if you sign a year's lease, you may have more negotiating clout. Be wary of month to month deals. They'll shoot up dramatically when high season hits, and you either fork it over, or you're out. Especially in low season, you can actually rent something fairly nice and spacious for that amount, IF you rent in one of the slightly outlying working class suburbs, such as Pitillal or Coapinole. These are serviced by the local bus system, at the local rate of 3 pesos.

•Budget Living in Puerto Vallarta: An Interview with Robert & Deborah Foster Parts I, II & III

We often go for a week or so without leaving the neighborhood or even firing up the old Safari. Usually, we just make a weekly run to the local Lloyds branch to grab a few pesos. Other than that, we're mostly shamelessly lazy homebodies. We spend a huge amount of time sitting on the terrace, staring at the mountains, and planning our next snack.... (more) by Robert & Deborah Foster

Buying Coastal Property

Dear Carl & Lorena.

Is there likely to be a Part IV + to Budget Living In PV? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these articles and hope you can persuade Robert and Deborah Foster to write more for the Peoples' Guide site. Thanks, Joseph Keller

Lorena's Note: I'm happy to tell you that Robert agreed to your suggestion. We've already added his next article Buying Restricted-Zone (Coastal and border zone) property.

Celebrating 20 years of marriage in Yelapa

My husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage in 2000. I found Yelapa Mexico like Heaven on earth. We would LOVE to rent a house/villa there in Sept., but because it is so off the beaten track, are having difficulties finding rental info.... (more) from Victoria Dunlap

Retirement Home in Puerto Vallarta

I have been reading your news letter and find it most interesting. I have lived in Puerto Vallarta 11 years and want to move into a retirement home. But since there aren't any here, I am developing one myself. I am attaching a recent press release and you can log on to my website at This will be the first project of this type in Mexico.... (more) from Suzanne Elmore

Letters: Live & Retire In Mexico

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