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Speaking Spanish

Dear Lorena and Carl, I would like to suggest an additional Spanish resource, E-Spanish Mexican radio stations ....Useful Spanish expressions, also with native pronunciation ....Online grammar and vocab tests ...Interactive tool for practicing Spanish words... (more) from Akos Szego

Homestays in Cuernavaca?

Do you know if it is possible to do a homestay with a family if you are not going to attend a language school? We are going to Cuernavaca this summer for a month and would like to do this.... (more) from Colleen

Studying Spanish at Encuentros

Recently I attended 3 weeks of Spanish classes at Encuentros, in Cuernavaca. Jeannie, the director, is extremely competent and was very helpful. As a results of years of learning a bit here and a bit there, my Spanish is a real mishmash. Jeannie designed a study program for me that improved my Spanish very rapidly... (more) by Lorena Havens

•¡Que le vaya bien!

Sorry about the corrections to your had the bad luck to write to a Spanish teacher (and apparently I couldn't resist rudely correcting you)! From Flo Ariessohn

•Tips For Learning Spanish

"Over the course of more than thirty years in Mexico, I've had the benefit of many amateur tutors to correct and refine my Spanish. When it comes to learning a foreign language, however, I am not a 'quick study'. (For the life of me, I still don't understand why the Widow Twankey is cross with her son.) In spite of all my work, there's no doubt that rough spots, gaps and outright grammatical embarrassments still remain....." (more) by Carl Franz

•School Days in Mexico

"...This didn’t begin to prepare me for 1st grade in Rebalcitos. Actually Rebalcitos, Jalisco, might just be Mexico’s equivalent of Mapleton, Oregon. It was small, low income, located within a quick drive of the coast, barely literate and boasted an outdated underfunded school. And I still had a lot to live down. Only this time, everyone really did wear uniforms (I didn’t have one). I barely spoke the language. Instead of being the poor kid, I was the rich kid (possibly even a worse stigma), and the Spanish pronunciation of my name, Churpa, literally meant sucker. Plus after the first day, and some naiveté, (stemming from spending the better part of the winter running around naked on the beach), I had the reputation of being ‘the gringa who didn’t wear underwear.’".... (more) by Churpa Rosa Rogers

•Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti

The book is quite entertaining for the aficionado of the slangier side of Latin American (heavy emphasis on Mexican) Spanish. It delves deep into the cruder aspects of cabronería, y el pendejismo. Readers of a delicate sensibility might find portions distasteful. It gives a more in-depth account of "la verga", notorious parrot phrase from The People's Guide to Mexico. (A word to be avoided.) .... (Full Review) by Mike Warshauer

•More Spanish Book Reviews

To the best of my knowledge, learning Spanish still requires pressing one's nose to the proverbial grindstones of study, memorization and constant repetition. On the other hand, materials for learning Spanish are definitely improving. (Review)

•Langenscheidt's Pocket Spanish Dictionary

This fat, 656 page, pocket-sized Spanish/English dictionary has been my personal favorite since I began using it a few years ago. Unlike cheaper paperback dictionaries that self-destruct... (Review)

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