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San Miguel de Allende

Bus or Taxi: Guadalajara Airport to San Miguel de Allende?

Our flight gets into Guadalajara at 2:15pm on Christmas Eve....Any suggestions as to if/how I could hire a taxi to drive us the 5 hours to San Miguel?....(more) from Jim A

Visiting San Miguel de Allende

I finally walked into my boss and said i need a two month leave. i am heading down to San Miguel to take spanish and art and have no place to stay as yet....also, i was thinking i really really need to mellow out and maybe i'd find a yoga retreat somewhere down ....i want to e-mail people at the cyber cafe kind of places.... (more) from Leslee Todman

History as Commodity, in San Miguel de Allende

Imagine my fascination with the half-millennium of New World history laid like a blanket over the eons of lost civilizations that constitute the past of the cities and hamlets of the central Mexican plateau. In 1981, many of the elderly residents of San Miguel de Allende’s thermal-watered outskirts spoke only Otomi, and history and mystery continue to sell Mexico to tourists.... (more) by Sareda Milosz

On Mexican Time : A New Life in San Miguel

"Just finished reading a good book about living in Mexico. The title is "On Mexican Time", written by Tony Cohan. Its about a middle-age couple, a writer (the author) and an artist, his wife, from LA who make a decision to get away from the smog, crime and traffic for a getaway in San Miguel de Allende." Full Review by Tom Stone

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