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Mexico's Copper Canyon


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Burro Assisted Hikes in Mexico's Copper Canyon

Tucson-based guides Mike Huckaby and Cathy Waterman have been exploring Mexico's northern Sierra Madre and Copper Canyon for many years. I first worked with them.... (more) intro by Carl Franz.

Topo Maps: Mexico & the Copper Canyon Topographic maps are valuable for any outdoor recreation activities -- hiking, biking, four wheeling, motorcycling, or back road adventures. This is especially true in Mexico's Copper Canyon ... (more) by Laura Ericson, Map Link

Areponapuchi: locally known as "Arepo", is a village a few miles west of Divisadero.... There is nothing to do in Areponapuchi but hike, sightsee and enjoy the true flavor of Sierra Madre life..... (more)

The Tarahumara:....many Tarahumara are so shy that they prefer not to talk to strangers....it is not unusual for Tarahumara women and children to slip away or to firmly turn their backs and refuse to speak. Never impose by..... (more)

Chihuahua, Chihuauah
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Towns & Villages:
Los Mochis and El Fuerte
Chihuahua City
Basaseachic Falls

"An hour later I was close to 8,000 feet - but closer yet to needing a hot lunch and a long nap. In local parlance I was faldeano or 'skirting' the flank of another, even higher mesa. I had already made two fruitless attempts..." (more) by Carl Franz

Where to go in the Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon Itineraries....Planning a trip into the Sierra Madre is complicated by a lack of "infrastructure" and a dearth of reliable information..... The roads to these ancient mining villages provide views that rival and even surpass those seen from the train.... (more)

Getting Around in the Copper Canyon by Bus

El Paso: Crossing the Border by Bus:....Many people don’t realize just how easy a trip into the Sierra Madre can be if you take the bus. Start by taking a cross-border Greyhound bus from El Paso....Before reaching the Juárez terminal, the driver’s assistant may offer to radio ahead and reserve a seat for you on the first available bus to Chihuahua.... (more) by Carl Fran

Copper Canyon Bus schedules:....for anyone planning an overland trip to and from Creel, which is fast becoming the epicenter of Copper Canyon tourism.... having a reasonably accurate schedule can be very important..... (more) by Carl Franz

Carl's Copper Canyon Notebook

Mexico's Copper Canyon is much more than just one canyon. The vast northwestern Sierra Madre and Sierra Tarahumara include at least 15 major canyons and are home to tens of thousands of Tarahumara (Raramuri) Indians, traditional Mexican ranchers, and prospectors. Just a day's travel south of the U.S. border, the Copper Canyon is still remarkably untouched by progress. This is one of America's best, yet least-known regions for hiking, camping, and do-it-yourself adventure.

Copper Canyon Train

The Copper Canyon Train....Service and comfort are much improved on the famous Copper Canyon train from Chihuahua City to Los Mochis (on the Pacific coast). Along with these improvements, however, we also have much higher ticket prices.... (more) by Carl Franz


Driving to the Copper Canyon: Tucson to Creel: ....It's 14 hours and roughly 500 miles from Tucson to Creel.....once you leave the I-10 interstate at the Benson turnoff, you're only 45 miles from Tucson. And now you're forced to slow down enough to enjoy the drive.... (more) By Mike & Cathy Waterman

Driving to the Copper Canyon:....Could we cross the border at Puerto Penasco for the shortest route, rather than at Nogales? This is my first question. I am still deeply engrossed in reading your website. It is wonderful!.... (more) from Susan D.

What about Toll Roads to Los Mochis?
....After more than 30 years of driving in Mexico, and countless white-knuckle, near-death experiences involving jaywalking burros, rolling rocks, and tire-busting potholes, I personally love these toll roads. Whenever we want to experience “the good old days” of driving here, all Lorena and I have to do is follow any free Mexican highway -- and there are literally thousands of them still to explore. But.... (more)

Tips from Our Readers

The Copper Canyon : Cheap & Easy:....We took the bus from El Paso across the border to Juarez.... At the border, we received verbal assurance from the bus driver that he would wait for us as we did the paperwork. We came back outside to find our packs on the ground, no bus. On the bus we had left two small bags of relative importance. ALWAYS STAY WITH ALL YOUR BELONGINGS.... (more) by Sheri Lynn

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