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Mexican Topographic Maps

By Laura Ericson, Map Link

Published February 08

Topographic maps are valuable for any outdoor recreation activities -- hiking, biking, four wheeling, motorcycling, or back road adventures. This is especially true in Mexico's Copper Canyon.

Mexican topos come in 1:250,000 scale (3.9 miles per inch) and the very detailed 1:50,000 scale (.79 miles per inch). Topographic maps show elevation using contour lines, roads, trails, placenames and natural features. The 1:250,000 scale is perfect for planning and getting an overview of the region you are going to. This is the best scale for a road trip, where you will be covering greater distances. The detailed 1:50,000 scale maps show trailheads, jeep tracks, crossroads, mine shafts, high points, placenames and other useful information if you plan to explore a specific area.

Map Link, a map distributor located in Santa Barbara, California has been authorized by the Mexican Government Mapping Agency (INEGI) to print copes of all their 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scale topo sheets. They can print, on demand, any titles you are looking for. Go online to look at the interactive online Mexican topo index and to order the topos you need. <>

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is a system of canyons located in the (Sierra Tarahumara) southwest portion of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It covers some 28,000 sq. miles of gorges and ravines and includes several major canyons or barrancas. The largest of these are:

Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) is 5,770 ft. deep
Barranca del Sinforosa is 5,904 ft. deep
Barranca del Batopilas is 6,002 ft. deep
Barranca del Urique is 6,136 ft. deep

1:50,000 scale topos for Copper Canyon rail line (north to south) in Chihuahua, Mexico are:
Adolfo Lopez Mateos: H13 C73
Pachera: H13 C72
Temeychic: H13 C82
San Juanito: G13 A12
Creel: G13 A22
San Jose Guacayvo: G13 A21
San Rafael: G13 A31
Temoris: G12 B39

1:50,000 topos for Parque Natural Barranca del Cobre (near Creel)
San Rafael G13 A31
Batopilas G13 A41
La Bufa G13 A42
Samachique G13 A32

Casacada de Basaseachic National Park. Basaceachi Falls, has a sheer drop of 246 meters. You can hike down to the base.
San Isidro Huajumar H12 D89

Uruachic Mining town
Urachic G12 B19

Mexico's Copper Canyon

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