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PG Travel Letter? Batopilas?

Sadly, from others, we have heard that Batopilas is becoming unfriendly and that some cartel members are tightening their hold in the Canyon related to the drug trade. Hopefully, those are rumors, but it would be appreciated if you could shed some light on that.

Mike Huckaby: yes. Batopilas has changed. Maybe it's just that what was in the shadows is now out in the open, but if you know the signs, you see it. For instance.... (more) from Fred & Linda Wisely (Feb 2011)

The Copper Canyon: Cheap & Easy

When we got to Batopilas, all the hotels were booked for tourist groups. We had heard of senora Monses at Margaritas and headed straight there while the other tourists stumbled about in a confused state. Senora Monse’s has 4 rooms - all clean - 2 with private baths. Hot water if you tell her about it in advance - hot water bong, wood heated. Our room on the river was 250 pesos a night.... (more) by Sheri Lynn (Jan. 15, 2001)

Journey To The Bottom of the Canyon: Batopilas

"Like others before me, my first feeling upon reaching the ancient mining town of Batopilas was one of undisguised relief." .... (more) by Carl Franz

•Dinner with Doña Mica: Recipes from the Batopilas

It was a balmy spring evening in Batopilas and the air was rich with the scent of orange blossoms. As Lorena and I walked from our hotel to doña Mica's house for dinner, the town's narrow streets were dark and virtually deserted..... (more) by Carl Franz

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