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Mexican Newspapers

Online edition of English & Bilingual Newspapers

Mexico City News, <>

Guadalajara Reporter, <>

Baja Sun Newspaper, <>

El Independiente, (San Miguel de Allende) <> bilingual,

•Atencion, San Miguel de Allende

Ojo del Lago, <> Chapala-Ajijic "Lakeside" free community newspaper

•Chapala Review

•Cuernavaca Lookout

•Acapulco Newspaper,. The emphasis at this slick Spanish/English site is on tourism info, entertainment, services and shopping.

•PV Tribune

•Vallarta Today

Online News, English

Yahoo! News on Mexico <> This site has articles, and photos, that mention Mexico, so New Mexico is also included.

Narco News 2001 <> Reporting on the "War on Drugs" from Latin America

Online edition of Spanish Newspapers

Reforma (Mexico City) <>

Mural (Guadalajara) <>

La Jornada, <>

Diario de Yucatan (Merida) <> A daily roundup of Mexican and international news, in Spanish, from a very good newspaper.

Diario de Juarez (Ciudad Juarez) <>

Diario de Chihuahua <>

El Norte <>

Novedades Acapulco

•Links for More Online Newspapers in Spanish <>
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