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Studing Spanish
in Xalapa?

Dear Carl & Lorena,

My father who is 60 has been taking Spanish lessons for several years and is interested in traveling to Xalapa for 2 or 3 weeks this December to January. While there he would like to either attend a school or have a tutor/guide for the short period of time. He has already been to Cuernavaca and enjoyed the experience do you have any suggestions how to find a school or tutor? Any help you can respond with would be greatly appreciated!



Dear Jayma,

Spending a few weeks in Xalapa this winter sounds like an enviable plan -- it is a wonderful city and an excellent choice for Spanish study. As for a tutor, I have a few quick suggestions:

-- visit Ron Mader's website, and check out his Spanish school listings.

-- send an email to our friend Jeannie, director of the Encuentros language school in Cuernavaca, and ask her for a recommendation.

-- Post your question on the General Forum at I've seen occasional messages there from foreign residents/aficionados of Xalapa, so you'll probably get a reply.

Here's another thought: go to and type Xalapa in the search box.

If none of these work, let us know and we'll find another way.

saludos, Carl Franz

Dear Jayma,

I came across this info on Spanish language programs in Mexico a couple of days ago... the web page gives contacts for college programs, but you could write or call these people and ask for recommendations for a tutor in Xalapa.

Please let me know if this works. Also, I'd be very happy to hear about your father's experiences in Xalapa... I'm sure we'll have others asking similar questions in the future.

Here's the link: questtimeout=500&SRCHDURATION=0&Country=759&FOS=356

best, Carl
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