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Two Dog Limit?
Babette is headed for Mexico and would rather die than leave her eight-pack of dogs at home. Carl suggests an alternative.

Two Dog Limit?

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By Babette and Carl (emails)
Posted Monday, July 28, 2003

Subject: My Dogs

I have 8 dogs and plan to move to mexico...Please give me any information you can about driving in with my dogs...I read that you can only bring 2 dogs into Mexico...I would rather die than leave my dogs.

Carl replies:
I've never heard of the two-dog-limit at the Mexican border. Friends of ours sometimes travel with 6 dogs (including "Mucho", the bull mastiff shown here). I also have a photo somewhere of a couple with 5 dogs in an RV park near Guadalajara. They weren't large dogs but they were obviously "many". We have two dogs and as yet no one has bothered to count them.

My suggestion is that you put your most intimidating dog in the passenger seat. If anyone asks, "Does it bite?" my standard reply is, "Yes, that's why I have him/her." You'd be amazed at how quickly they lose interest.

Let us know how it goes, ok?

best, Carl


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