Bobi & Scott Wilson

In the intuitive and organic way of things I happened onto your book, The People's Guide to Mexico at the AAA office in Bellevue, was drawn to it instantly then loaned it to my sister who was getting ready for a trip to Mazatlan. Months later, after a rather off-the-wall intuitive *zap*, our family decided "Let's go to Mexico for a year!" That was a year ago. Now the house is sold and we're outta here this coming Friday (10/9/98)

We've come up with a number of jusitfications for taking this trip, such as 'We want to step out of our respective roles for a bit and see who we are when not playing our part.' Or, 'We'd like the kids (and ourselves) to see the world is much more than this rather small box we call Redmond' -- and so on and so on... Basically these reasons help reassure family and friends as to why we would do such a thing when in reality we have no reason except that we simply have to go.

So, with the decision made, I nabbed the book back from my sister, read it twice (instead of practicing my Spanish), decided I wanted to be your new best friend, and dashed out for a copy of the 25th Anniversary Edition as soon as I heard news of it. I'm hooked. I love it. We love it. Whenever the 'omigod-what-are-we-doing's' hit -- which, thank goodness, have been few and short-lived -- we grab the book and are smitten all over again.

Plans are fluid but roughly we intend to head down through Baja, cross over and spend the winter somewhere on the Pacific coast, head up into the mountains for the summer and over to the Yucatan for next winter. The five of us (my husband Scott, Cara 15, Teagan 13, Kirk 9, and myself) will be traveling down in a small RV and looking to rent a home/hut/palapa once we settle into a location. We'll return to the Pacific NW sometime around February of 2000 and, well, will figure out the rest of our lives then.

We'd be delighted to accept any information or suggestions you might like to share with us and would be ecstatic to offer whatever we might in the way of correspondence, updates for your newsletter -- whatever!

We're taking the laptop along so will maintain email and maybe a webpage. We'd love to hear from you.

Great joy in all things.

Your new best friend,


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