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Thanks largely to La Red (the Web), Mexico is no longer the tierra incognita it used to be. On the other hand, sorting the best websites and online resources from the chaff can be a frustrating, time-consuming task. For example, enter the term “Mexico” in the average search engine, and you’ll have to sort through at least 234,876 “hits”, some offering real estate in the state of “New Mexico”.

To help you narrow your search down


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-------OLD***??*** Oaxaca, State Tourist Guide, <>. This tourist-oriented site manages to overcome its “official” nature and provides some interesting and useful information as well as a good link list: mezcal distillers, folk art, tours, articles, orphanage, museums and more.

?????Oaxacan Tourist Guide website, if you
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>Title : Oaxaca's Tourist Guide
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Some of the members are currently extending the network to the South by means of a Peace Caravan. For more information, see the caravan's web page at

Book sources

Bookdatabase, <>. A searchable book From 1 database -- simple and fast.

From 1URL index

Weather, <>. Tropical storms and hurricanes that affect Mexico, with "probability of impact" for key coastal cities. (David Eidell)

Mata Ortiz--A Mexican Village of Potters, <>. This site celebrates the amazing potters of Mata Ortiz.


Acapulco Newspaper, <>. The emphasis at this slick Spanish/English site is on tourism info, entertainment, services and shopping. Also: Acapulco Travel Net, <>.

Oaxaca Discussion Group, <>. This message board is slow to load but seems quite active, with many interesting "threads" of conversation.

Zapatista & EZLN home page, <>.

•Mexican bus lines: El Uno Line, <>;
ADO, <>.

Airlines Of The Web - Information, Reservations, Aviation, <>.

Spanish on CD, <>.


We, <>. Graphs of today's exchange rate with a ten day history curve, plus an archive of exchange rates from past years. The easiest site I have yet found. (David "Cheapskate" Eidell)

Global Volunteers, <>, (800) 487-1074, email: "Adventures in Service" volunteers pay their own way and lend a hand with construction, education, health care and environmental projects.


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Huehuecoyotl's website is: <>.
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