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crissXcross guide to mexico <> A Virtual Postcard Tour <>  I want to put up a primarily nostalgic look at Mexico, and these few pages are a start.

I've traveled with TPGtM for 25 years, and have used it as a pot holder, joint roller, hot pad, notepad, reading material, barter goods, and just plain sold my current copy to a "newbie". I ALWAYS identified with Steve, and seeing him on the beach at Tenicatita brought back a flood of past memories. I'm pleased to think that we have both enjoyed that small piece of paradise.
tengas una buena paz
Pernel S. Thyseldew <is> Stephen Dyer Wells
Visit My Virtual World Here:


A Triumph for Baja Whales and Wildlife! Mexico Cancels Salt Plant!

International Marine Mammal Project

"Five years after the Grupo de los Cien [Group of 100] first denounced the plan to build the world's largest saltworks on the shores of Laguna San Ignacio, the president of Mexico has been forced to cancel the project in the face of widespread international opposition. The last pristine breeding and calving ground of the gray whale has been saved. This landmark victory over Mitsubishi and the Mexican government will influence the course of environmental protection in Mexico for years to come."
- Homero Aridjis, Grupo de los Cien

A Short, Sad History of ESSA/Mitsubishi's Guerrero Negro Salt Plant
ESSA and Mitsubishi jointly run an existing salt plant about 100 miles north of San Ignacio Lagoon. For years, rumors have come from local people that the Guerrero Negro plant was harming the gray whale lagoon of Ojo de Liebre, used to barge salt to ocean-going carriers. Thanks to a coalition of Mexican environmental groups that filed suit in early 1999, the truth is now coming out:





The Tico Times is Central America's Leading English-Language Newspaper, covering news, business, tourism and cultural developments in Costa Rica and Central America.

The award-winning weekly has been reporting on the region from San Jose, Costa Rica since 1971 and became a member of the Inter-American Press Association in 1989

New URL for the Central American English-language weekly.

Current headlines:

Report: C.R. Democracy Imperiled
Ombudswoman Sandra Piszk's annual report found continued government
corruption, extreme concentration of power and lack of transparency.

Tourists, Firms Blast S.J. Agency
A San José travel agency has reportedly withheld payment to dozens of
hotels and tour operators around the country and is sending tourists
home with plenty of hassles and bad memories, The Tico Times learned.

UN Environment Report Marks Start of New Era
A 150-page United Nations report on the state of the environment in
Latin America and the Caribbean promises to be the first step towards
much-needed policy changes that will promote better stewardship of
the earth.

New Emissions Law Traps Cars in Customs
The Public Works and Transportation Ministry (MOPT) this week launched
negotiations with the National Customs Office to admit into the
country hundreds of used cars that are stuck in Customs because they
arrived without required emissions certificates.

Unlock Ometepe's Secrets
Isla de Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua is a place shrouded by myth and
mystery that goes back to its formations.

Coin Exhibit Tells of Region's History
No, no, of course, money doesn't make the world go 'round. But it
does say a lot about the round world. Some 200 Costa Rican coins
grace a new gleaming exhibit at the Numismatic Museum.


World Travel Directory: Mexico

Town & cities lists website for various mx cities. Most are official sites, by the cities tourism departments, most in English, the 'review' is from the website. Also pages on Arts -museums, culture, regions


> Cathie Carr, CEO
> Escapees RV Club

Fishing Maps and current fishing reports

ocean surface temps, waves hieight and direction chard, tide and moom phases, fishing calendasrs, road contidions, and o-line discussion center, book store, travel tips, weather, amigos de baja tropical hurricane center..



Dear Carl Franz:

My new mask web site is up and running, with a lot of "work in progess" sections, but you might enjoy looking at it. It's MY retirement plan.

Ted Lindberg, Guemes Island.

Hi David,

I received the floppy with your LPG page this morning. The page has
been posted informally (i.e., no public links available yet) so you can
check it over. Again the URL is

Let me know of any changes or additions you'd like to see. Once it all
looks OK to you I'll put a link on the Baja Highway Page and mention the
page in What's New and on the Message Board.

The information looks like just what someone considering taking a
propane-powered vehicle to Baja would like to see. Thanks for the




I have been reading your news letter and find it most interesting. I
have lived in Puerto Vallarta 11 years and want to move into a
retirement home but since there aren't any here I am developing one
myself. I am attaching a recent press release and you can log on to my
website at This will be the first
project of this type in Mexico. It is a "not for profit" project as the
owners will be developing it themselves and will divide the costs among
themselves. It is a facility that is desperately needed here. Would it
be possible for you to write something about it in your newsletter. If
you need any further information on the project, please, contact me.

Thank you.

Suzanne Elmore
360 Pino Suarez #10
Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

tel/fax 011-52-322-2-4623



The Copper Canyon region of Chihuahua, Mexico outshines the Grand Canyon any day - have a look at its natural and human history.



 From: Ernst Baerel,
To: Lorena Havens,


please list my homepage to your "speaking spanish site". the url is:

i work as an independent agent in cuernavaca, mexico and give my clients
additional benefits for the same price. check it out.

thank you



Llinks 2 Mexico Mike 


Entangle yourself in the Web: Looking for something about Mexico that isn’t found on the usual search engines and link pages? It’s a complete crap shoot, but for a change of pace go to and do a search for “Mexico”. Scroll past the New Mexico realty sites to Tequila Web, Hispanic Community In Cyberspace, and La Radio en Mexico.


Day of dead
link also to Oaxaca and day of dead


Put day of dead urls on url page

also belize urls

page of urls that go with books? belize, choose Mx etc.


Here's contact info for an eco-friendly lodge on Oaxaca's Pacific coast:

La Posada Cañon Devata

Ron Mader
Webhost/ archive of the award-winning "Eco Travels in
Mexico" resource guide


Hi, y'all.

Love your web page and books. I'm wondering if it's okay with you if I
add a link to your website from mine:

Artists of Mexico's Copper Canyon

If you'd rather I didn't add the link, email me, otherwise I'll add it.


R.D. Robertson



I don´t know if this has already been mentioned, but I stumbled upon Proceso
magazine´s Web site,

They have a great links page:

Which got me to this nice wrap of everything Mexico:

As well as a good directory from the U. of T.:

Peso exchange rates can be extracted from There is
also an option to receive the daily rates by email.

STan Gotlieb

note that this also links to international weather sites

I notice that their rain map doesn't show rain over us today, though the
detailed forecast in Spanish talks about rain in many areas of the
country. What I like about this site is having all of Mexico in one
place. But, need to compare actual weather with forecasts given by
various sites.

I would be more than happy to add a link to your site and recommend your
book on my book pages. My first trip to Latin America was in 1974. The
Peoples Guide helped make sence

Duncan Aitken

----- Original Message -----
From: Lorena Havens <>
To: Duncan <>
Sent: Monday, May 01, 2000 4:07 PM
Subject: Scorpions

> Hi Duncan,
> I just found your site via a link from Alverta's photo site
< She has some great photos and you might want to
link to her site.
> I have enjoyed your site very much. It's very colorful and has solid
information and good recommendations.


Dear Friends:

I would like to know if you are interesed in exchanging links with our site has information related to your site, by the way our site has
a link to your site already at


Felipe Escarcega

Computek General Manager

Please Reply to:


>Dear Friends -
>We'd like to share our new e-zine Kokopelli Spirit with you.
>You can view the magazine, concerned with ecotravel,
>indigenous culture, and sustainable development at
>We have created a link to your website in our Ecotravel
>Hosts section of the Resource Guides.
>BTW - Loved your book.

Nice Looking site. I didn't find the link in the Ecotravel Hosts section, but if it's like my site, it's probably in "process" and "any day now".

My link/resource page isn't up at all yet, but when I get it up, I'll like to your site & ezine. Please let us know if/when you get anything up that discusses Mexico or Central Americal and I can make a 'splash' with it.


Would you like to suggest a link? Send us the complete URL and a brief description: Carl & Lorena



    Mexico & Central America, Bus & Travel Information

    a fun home grown site on bus travel in Mexico by Steve... with lots of little tips that he's obviously picked up while traveling the back roads of Mexico by bus.
  • Even though the old "Chicken" busses are virtually a thing of the past, using the bus in Mexico is still a real adventure. First class busses may be a little more comfortable and a little faster, I still don't believe they are nearly as much fun, as a Second Class bus.

    On a Second class bus, it can become a social occasion. Friends seeing old friends, laughing, maybe shareing food. I can't imagine a better way to meet the local people, learn a little Spanish and see the countryside, than taking a Second class bus.

    The Mexican bus system isn't designed for long distance bus travel, as it is in the U.S. Most Mexican bus travel is from one city to to the next town. Or from a village to a larger market town.

    This is how I use the system. I fly into a major city, and explore from there, by local second class bus. I use first class busses for trips over 5 hours, and luxury class busses, for long distance, overnight, when I need to make a longer trip.

Visit Buenos' Website

  • Discussion Groups
    • Thorn Tree - Mexico, by Lonely Planet
    • Waiter, Waiter......There's a knuckle of bone in my soup. Lauren Shantall got more than she bargained for during her travels. However, Mexico can be a true culinary paradise for the vegetarian, as long as you're careful.
    • short article on the trial of vegetarian eating in Mexico and some suggestions on getting true vegetarian food.
    • The whole website Mexican Wave offers articles and Mexico news from an UK Focus
    • Great new Mexico website with a UK focus. Steve Bridger runs Mexican Wave
    • Lloyds of Mexico Curretn Economic Report on MexConnect
    • article in mother Earth News on moving to Mexico
    • EarthFoot: promote independent, small-scale, low-impact, eco-experiences hosted by people near their own homes.
    • Report from Uxpanapa:
      Can bromeliads save Veracruz' last rainforest?
      by Steve Ginsberg <>
      April/Abril 2000

      Mexico - Although we were road weary and it was dark, we could see
      what we hoped we wouldn't. A logging truck was coming out the
      rainforest hauling huge trunks of primary growth cedar.

      Then the federales stopped us. Their bright lights illuminated our
      vehicle, followed by a question barrage. Seems there was an armed
      robbery on this remote dirt road leading into Veracruz' last, but no
      longer virgin rainforest, the Uxpanapa. We had come to do what little
      we could to stop the plunder. Uxpanapa's biodiversity has been
      bleeding for two decades, but we carried a few eco- Band-Aids and
      hope. I was glad to be traveling with Pronatura's Sergio Aguilar and
      Alois Clemens. They had the answers for the young cops and we were
      allowed through the military checkpoint. In another hour, the 12-hour
      journey from Xalapa was over, we had arrived in Poblado Uno and the
      safety and warmth of Chico's rainforest home.

      >> The entire article is online on Ron Mader website, Please check it out.


    Archive of environmental columns by Mexican journalist Ivan Restrepo are now archived online the Laneta website.

    La Jornada, enero 24 del  2000

     La Jornada, enero 17 del 2000

     La Jornada, enero 10, 2000

     La Jornada 3 de enero del 2000

    La Jornada, diciembre 26 del 1999

    La Jornada, diciembre 20 del 99


    Center for traditional meds with sailboat letter

    Posada Susanna, link to places