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Website Goals

Dear Friends,

In adding new pages to this rapidly expanding website, I have two main goals. The first is to publish useful information for Mexico-bound travelers and tourists, as well as those who want to make Mexico their new home, either to retire, work or study. My second, and perhaps even more difficult goal is to make the People’s Guide website as easy to navigate as a printed book. A website has many advantages, but as you’ve probably noticed, it is also very easy to get totally lost while travelling in cyberspace.
Lorena with fresh, hot Garbanzos

If you’ve read The People's Guide to Mexico, you’ve hopefully noticed the book’s unusually extensive index. With almost 600 pages of text, we felt that a good index was vital if our readers were going to be able to quickly find the information they needed.

Indexing this website, however, isn’t quite as “easy”. At the present time, the Table of Contents page is the closest we’ve come to a comprehensive site map or index. I’ve tried to list every article and topic in the Contents page, but as a result it is already too large and cumbersome. If you have suggestions, please... let me know.

A search engine would obviously help, and we hope to have one soon. To use a search engine, however, you first need to have some idea of what you're looking for. Browsing the People’s Guide book is just as easy as flipping through the pages, stopping whenever something catches your eye. Browsing a website isn’t as fast, since you need links to take you from one place to another.

To make casual browsing easier, I’ve created“Section pages”. Think of each Section of this website as a chapter in the People’s Guide book. Each Section page is essentially a Table of Contents to help you find articles, letters and resources that relate to a particlar topic: Adventure, Living & Retiring, Red Tape, Women in Mexico, etc.

Creating this site has been a big job, but your encouraging comments and useful suggestions really make it worthwhile. I hope you’ll take a moment now and then to tell us how the PG website works -- or doesn’t -- for you. Of course, we always look forward to your questions about Mexico, and welcome any information you'd like to share with others.

¡Qué le vaya bien!
©1972-2000 by Carl Franz & Lorena Havens
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