by Wendy Devin

EarthFoot is a not-for-profit organisation supporting small-scale ecotourism.

At our web site we promote independent, small-scale, low-impact, eco-experiences hosted by people near their own homes. The idea is to bring those who wish to share their environment and/or traditional society with guests seeking this information and experience.

We help individuals prepare fieldtrip proposals and then promote the proposals at the web site. There is no cost to the host, only a modest cost to the visitor. Communications are made via the internet.

The experiences can range from wilderness hiking around a cabin in the Rockies, seven days among the Maram & Murung people in Bangladesh or homestay among more than 20 traditional families in Nepal... the possibilities are endless...

and for me... exciting because the contact is direct... person to person..both in the planning stage and the shared experience between hosts and guests...

I help contact potential hosts who might take advantage of this web-site especially in Canada and Mexico.

Close to my home, people from the Sliammon First Nations are sharing their traditional ways. They are promoting their program via conventional advertising but are also utilizing the Earthfoot approach.

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lorena's note: Wendy is a contributing columnist on the MexConnect monthly e-zine, a site dedicated to intercultural exchange with Mexico.
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