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News and Updates from Carl & Lorena
Please read this before emailing us. Very important! The People's Guide To Mexico website is published by just two people, working in dim light and with stiff fingers, on Macintosh laptop computers.

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Posted Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Latest News and Updates from Carl & Lorena

October 2004

After letting things slide around here for far too long, Lorena and I are back at our cabin in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, trying to catch up on long overdue website work. In late December I'll be heading to India to attend a 45 day Vipassana meditation course. After returning from India I'll be heading to Mexico again, while Lorena (to be announced)....

In other words, if you've been wondering what we're up to, or why we haven't replied to your frantic emails, it's because we're just too busy. We try our best but as the website becomes more popular, we continue to fall behind.

If you're inquiring about guided hikes in Mexico's Copper Canyon, please write directly to Amy at Adventure Specialists for further information.

Amy's email address is:

If you're booking a hike, be sure to mention our website in order to receive an autographed copy of The People's Guide To Mexico.

Carl and Lorena



The People's Guide To Mexico website is published by just two people, working in dim light and with stiff fingers, on Macintosh laptop computers. We also travel a great deal and are often out of internet range. This means we can't guarantee a quick reply to your "urgent" emails. We also get cranky sometimes and ignore emails entirely, especially if they aren't signed by real humans, or if the questions are so broad or vague that we just don't know where to start. Such as, "I hear Mexico is nice. Where should I go?" or, "My neighbor likes Puerto Vallarta. Which hotel should we book?"

Please... we aren't travel agents, so don't ask us about specific hotels or restaurants or which sunset cocktail cruise is best for your beloved mother-in-law. If you really want an answer from us, read our book (The People's Guide To Mexico is available at the library for sceptics and cheapskates) and then ask us a question we can relate to.

Emails we love: specific questions, especially from people who tell us something about themselves, describing their likes and dislikes, their own experiences, recommending favorite books, sharing recipes, travel tips -- in other words, emails that read like "real" letters, from real people. The more we know about you, the better we can answer your questions, or pass you on to someone else.

end of rant... time to get back to those emails!

saludos, Carl & Lorena

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