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The Tarahumara[In Hiking]
◊ The Tarahumara
Brief thoughts on meeting Tarahumara, respect for their customs and privacy. By Carl Franz
Cusarare and The Sierra Madre Highlands: Another View[In Hiking]
◊ Cusarare and The Sierra Madre Highlands: Another View
Carl's initiation into canyon guiding and exploration continues. His next goal is to find long-forgotten Spanish mining trails. By Carl Franz
Also: ◊ Part One: Mexico's Copper Canyon: Another View

Mexico's Copper Canyon: Another View[In Hiking]
◊ Mexico's Copper Canyon: Another View
In Mexico's Copper Canyon, local knowledge is the name of the game. Carl Franz recounts his early experiences as a resident guide and gringo greenhorn in Cusarare and Batopilas. By Carl Franz
Also: ◊ Part Two: Cusarare and the Sierra Madre Highlands

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Travel Tip

Where Next? Looking For A Beach


I'm a writer who has been through an extended period of personal traumas and I am looking for someplace peaceful and affordable to heal and spend the winter and perhaps move to long-term. San Miguelle D'allende sounds a bit "discovered" for me. I've been living in an arid environment so a beach type environment might be a nice change of pace.

I would like to spend no more than $600 per month on rent. Less is better. I'm not necessarily concerned about a large american population. Someplace, simple, a nice market, clean, safe housing, . . . you get the point.

Thanks in advance for any help or resources.

Sincerely, Christopher

Carl replies: I agree that San Miguel de Allende is probably too "discovered" for you. On the other hand, if you want to rub shoulders with other writers, SMA could be worth a second look. As for possible coastal retreats, my suggestion is that you check out the smaller Pacific beach towns north of Puerto Vallarta. This area is also being discovered but it hasn't yet been trampled too badly. Rents range from cheap to sky-high, so take your time before taking the plunge. As for long-term, don't make any committments until you've spent a good deal of time in one place. The coasts are wonderful in winter but summer is another story... think "hot & humid"!


Evan's Copper Canyon Photos

I met "Evan From Heaven" during Christmas in Cusarare several years ago, and invited the vacationing tightrope walker/juggler to entertain the local Tarahumara children. He was a major hit with everyone, adults included. Evan has posted a series of interesting photo galleries documenting some of his trips to the Copper Canyon and other parts of Mexico. Here's his website:

Copper Canyon Travels


Mexico Gas & Diesel Prices

Doug Havens suggests that anyone driving to Mexico might want to check out current fuel prices at Fred Metcalf's excellent Information Pages On Baja California. Gas prices don't vary much from Baja to mainland Mexico, so this information can be very helpful when planning your itinerary. The page is not frequently updated, but gas prices are relatively stable in Mexico.

Mexico Gas Prices


RV Solar Power

Taylor Benson suggests this link to a practical, no-frills power system for a Solar RV.


Telmex Traveler Phone Cards

Call home from Mexico with prepaid Telmex phone cards. Available online. Rates are about 50 cents a minute. Suggested by David Eidell.


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