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Will My Kids Be Kidnapped?
We are planning in leaving for Mexico tomorrow....with 4 kids ages 5-10....Are kidnappings a real threat?

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Posted Wednesday, December 1, 2004


I have read you book almost cover to cover and spent hours on your website, but I can't find an answer to this question.

We are planning in leaving for Mexico tomorrow. We will be driving our Dodge Ram van with California plates, filled with 4 kids ages 5-10 and 2 adults. Many many people are telling us we are crazy to risk our kids like this. Reportedly the kidnappings in Mexico are on the rise.

Are kidnappings a real threat? Are Americans or American kids certain targets?

Our present plan is to head down the west coast to Melanque, across to the Yucatan penisula and then back up to Christmas in Copper Canyon.

We have 5 weeks but a flexible itinerary. We would love some calm advice from people who have been in Mexico recently.

Thanks for your quick reply. Pam

Carl Replies: I assume you really aren't seriously worried about being kidnapped if you wait until the day you're leaving to ask the questions, right? :)

Relax... Kidnappings of tourists are extremely rare. If you're a mega-rich businessperson or the child of a billionaire, then, yes, I'd take precautions. But if you are such a person, you already know this and have bodyguards close at hand.

Re-read the section on Travelling With Kids in the People's Guide -- you'll have a great trip, I'm sure.


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