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Living In Mexico: Questions & Answers, Tips, etc.
• Disabled vet wants to move to Mazatlan.
• Freight carriers? Sorry, better check the Yellow Pages.

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Posted Monday, December 6, 2004

Carl says.... Don has quite a list of good questions about Mazatlan, so to avoid confusing myself I'm going to add my answers to the body of his email below:

Don asks:

I have been reading with interest your writings on Mazatlan.

I am a 62 year old retied Army guy without a wife who lives in Oregon City, Oregon and has just bought a 34ft 5th wheel to be towed by a 3500 Dodge diesel. Now the question I have: is there a place for RV's there? And what would it cost to park and live there?

••• Yes, Don, there will definitely be a place for your RV in Mazatlan. But, I don't keep close track of specific RV parks or their current rates. My suggestion is that you check out one of the excellent Mazatlan discussion forums on the internet. I've mentioned them in other places on this website, so just enter the word "mazatlan" in the little Search box on the left hand side of this page and you'll find plenty to keep you busy. Post your questions on forums that specialize in Mazatlan and you'll get more detailed answers about prices, specific RV parks and so forth than I can provide.

At my age is or would there be any opportunity to find a nice women to date. A respectable one I mean.

••• Think positive, Don. My semi-respectable grandmother went through at least three husbands after she turned 70, so you've got miles to go before you "sleep". And yes, Mazatlan is literally overflowing with respectable women.

Would it be safe to travel there with a 5th wheel?

••• It is safe, especially if you follow the extensive advice on driving in Mexico in our book, The People's Guide To Mexico. Driving to Mazatlan is also quite easy, especially if you take the tollways from Nogales. We do it quite comfortably from the border in two days, including an early stop for the first night near Guaymas.

I understand the cost of diesel fuel is more expensive then here.

••• I don't follow diesel prices closely but it won't be a huge difference, I'm sure. Hardly a "deal breaker".

Beings that I am a disabled Veteran, can my retirement and disabilities money be accessible there?

••• Yes again. Mexico is a very friendly place for disabled vets, which is one of the reasons so many vets have moved there. There's a really good book about living in Mexico written by Don Adams, who is also a veteran. I know Don personally and can tell you that Head For Mexico, The Renegade Guide is loaded with advice that you will find very helpful.

Can one learn Spanish at a school there or can you get a tutor?

••• Learning Spanish, even just the basics, is a very wise move. You can do it either way, at school or with a tutor, or a combination of both. A lot of gringos move to Mexico, get lazy, and never pick up more than a few words. That is a real shame.

Can I bring my hand gun and shot gun into Mexico?

••• NO!! NO FIREAMS ALLOWED! Don't even think about it! And whatever you do, don't have second thoughts and try to hide these weapons in some clever corner of your truck or RV. Excuse me for shouting but getting caught with a firearm in Mexico is an express ticket to prison... and that's no place for anyone, much less a disabled veteran.

I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I am very serious about moving to Mexico.

Thank You.

Don M

••• Those are good questions, Don, so I encourage you to do some further searching on the internet. You can make some contacts with other veterans there, pick up additional pointers and advice. From what you've written so far, I think you're on the right track. To help you get started, go to


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Hello - We recently purchased a condo in Cabo San Lucas. Mostly we will rent it out until we can retire there.... and now we are renovating it.

Neighbors have told us that you can ship items from Home Depot to a receiving point for a truck carrier to bring it to Baja Sur. This is very interesting since some items are just too expensive/difficult to get in CSL. We are trying to get almost everything local and make alliances with craftsmen, etc. - but still there are small items that we want and can't get yet.

Do you know which freight carriers do the route down the Baja?

Many thanks for your help...

Carl answers: I’m sorry but because Lorena refuses to work on weekends this is the kind of detail that we can’t keep track of. If you’ve read our book you also know that we avoid (as much as humanly possible) mentioning specific places in Mexico, especially hotels, restaurants and businesses such as freight carriers. The People’s Guide is already several hundred pages in length, so we have to stop somewhere!

My suggestion is that you check the extensive chapter on For More Information in The People's Guide To Mexico. The best people to answer your question are the dedicated Baja experts -- we list several sources. You might also try the San Diego Yellow Pages. I imagine there must be quite a bit of freight headed to Los Cabos from California.

Enjoy the condo!


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