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Talk About Mexico! A new People's Guide website addition.
Talk About Mexico! A new addition to The People's Guide To Mexico website. Updates, tips, our email replies, odd and interesting news items from Mexico. Try it out here.

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Posted Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We've just launched a new addition to The People's Guide To Mexico website -- Talk About Mexico! is actually a separate site, though it will eventually be fully integrated to and from the main "PG" site by links.

What's the point?

Our greatest obstacle to updating the People's Guide website has been the enormous amount of time it takes. Lorena and I do this in our free time, but because of travel, volunteer work, family obligations, and other interests (such as paying our bills) our free time is very limited.

What makes Talk About Mexico different?

Talk About Mexico is created and maintained using WordPress, free open-source software that gives us the capacity to add almost instant updates and changes to the website. Therefore, from now on Talk About Mexico will be the place to go for our latest news, updates, quick travel tips and replies to your email questions.

You can also post comments yourself on Talk About Mexico. We just ask that you use restraint -- please don't overload the site with off-topic entries, personal rants or ads for your favorite taco sauce. If that happens, we'll spend too much time housekeeping the site and be forced to shut off the Comments feature.

So... visit Talk About Mexico and let us know what you think of it -- and especially what more (or less) you'd like to see there.

Carl & Lorena

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