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San Blas, Nayarit: Good Food & A Quiet Hotel
Janis wonders if her favorite restaurant still serves prawns and the news is good!

San Blas, Nayarit: Good Food & A Quiet Hotel

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By Janis Causey and Tom Nelson
Posted Monday, July 28, 2003

Dear Tom & Lorena,

My husband and I were in PV for our honeymoon in late June 2002 and went on the La Tovara Jungle Boat Ride. The side trip to San Blas was through one of the Tour Groups in PV. We stopped on the way to the Jungle ride and placed a "food " order at an open air on the beach. Then on the way back we arrived there to have the best prawns and more waiting for us!

I know Hurricane Kenna destroyed San Blas but by any chance has the restaurant reestablished yet? I don't know the name of it but you could tell that this was "the " stop for the Tour Guides. They seemed to know the place well.

We would love to find a quaint place to stay away from the hustle of PV and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of San Blas. Maybe you could make a suggestion?

Sincerely, Janis Causey Houston, Texas, USA

Tom Nelson replies from San Blas:

I'm glad you enjoyed San Blas. All the ramadas were rebuilt and in operation this past April for Semana Santa so I'm sure the restaurant you liked is back in operation. San Blas is a nice place to avoid the crowds and enjoy the Mexican lifestyle.

My wife and I have a small hotel here, Bungalows Conny that is quiet, clean and comfortable. We are located in a quiet neighborhood 4 blocks from the plaza, market etc. There are links through our web site to San Blas information.

A friend, who is a seasoned traveler, came to visit last winter and really enjoyed the San Blas area. He planned to stay for 1 week and ended up staying 2. There is a lot to see and do here depending on your interests. If I can provide any information or answer any questions please email me.

Tom & Trini
Bungalows Conny

Carl: I also asked Chris and Alma Rita to respond to Janis:

Hi Janis -

Hard to tell which 'Ramada' you stopped at. Chances are, that it has reopened - as most have. The good news is that the San Blas area is famous for shrimp. Not only is it fished here, but farmed as well. Almost all the open air restaurants on the beaches here offer a variety of scrumtious shrimp dishes, including 'camarones gigantes' - or prawns.

As far as a quaint place to stay outside of Puerto Vallarta, and being that you enjoy the San Blas area, I would suggest that you check the listings in the San Blas Website:

Any other questions or concernes - we are happy to help,
Chris y Alma Rita

San Blas, Nayarit Mexico

Bungalows "La Quinta California"


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