Mexico's Lake Chapala

Mexico's Lake Chapala and Ajijic:

Mexico's Lake Chapala
Mexico's Lake Chapala
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Mexico's Copper Canyon
Carl pines for the Sierra Madre and offers some hard-earned advice....

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Posted Thursday, October 14, 2004

This is the first autumn in many years that I haven't packed up my digital camera and heaviest hiking boots and headed for Chihuahua. Fall is wonderful in the high Sierra Tarahumara, virtually perfect for hiking, camping, and photography. Unfortunately, past adventures have caught up with me lately and I'm paying the price for not taking better care of my feet, knees and hips. So, it looks as if I'll be sitting this season out -- but as a consolation, I've been reviewing some of the hundreds of digital images I have on my computer from past trips into the Copper Canyons. Along with the letters below, I'll add a few photographs to give you a taste of some of my favorite places. Where exactly are they? Sorry, but at least half of the adventure is the thrill of discovery. In other words, if you want to see these places, you'll have to head for Mexico and find them yourself!

saludos! Carl Franz

Buses from Guadalajara to Copper Canyon


I am planning a trip to the Copper Canyon in February or March.

I will be spending the winter in Chapala and plan to meet some friends from Dallas in Los Mochis or Chihuahua. After looking at the fares from Guad. to either of those cities, I need to consider some options to paying nearly 5000 pesos to Aeromexico.

Since I believe that you live in the Chapala area (or did at one time), I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for more cost effective transportation. Is there a first class bus line that would take me from Guad. to Los Mochis or Chihuahua without having to transfer or change buses or make lots and lots of stops? Do you know of any smaller airlines that fly those routes?

Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.

best, JLM

Carl replies: First of all, we no longer live on Lake Chapala -- but that's another story. As for taking a bus to Chihuahua from Guadalajara, yes, it is basically a piece of cake. I did it several years ago myself, and if memory serves me correctly, the trip took about 22 hours.

The best way to avoid having to make transfers or too many stops is to book a seat on a comfortable premier class bus. (If you're not yet familiar with Mexican buses, be sure to read the extensive info on this in our book, The People's Guide To Mexico.) And... other than going to the bus station, the simplest way to advance book a bus seat if you're already in Mexico is to visit the nearest travel agent. Quick and easy.

I've also flown from Guadalajara to Chihuahua on a small airline. I found the commuter airplane uncomfortable, very noisy and expensive. No real advantage, in fact, over AeroMexico, and much more crowded. My advice -- if you have the time and want to save money, take the bus!

I've got several more letters to reply to concerning the Copper Canyon and northwestern Mexico, so please revisit this article for further updates.


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