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Chiapas Articles
Articles about Chiapas, including one that has several people hopping mad!

Chiapas Articles

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Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2004

There Is Another Side To Chiapas!

I stumbled into your site almost by accident. I'd like to say the presentation and easiness is surprising and welcoming. The content, though, I found to be interesting yet offensive in ways. In particular Luis Barton's impression of our area. It leads readers to believe that Chiapas and rural Mexico are highly dangerous, unhealthy and precarious areas, unsuitable for living let alone traveling. I don't mean to say that the Mexico described by Barton is nonexistent. Yet, I do feel the need to point out that there also IS another Mexico.... (more) Letter from Robert Rivas-Bastedas

San Cristobal de las Casas: What About Living There?

Living in San Cristobal is a great experience. The city is truly a jewel. It's peaceful and offers all modern conveniences. It's relatively well connected and will be even more in the near future with two new roads under construction (Tuxtla-San Cristobal and Tuxtla-Mexico City)..... There are plenty of schools. In particular there is a grade school that warmly welcomes foreign children. Middle and upper education is offered through the government education system and at least a dozen private institutions. San Cristobal has historically been an educational and cultural center. (more) by Robert Rivas-Bastedas

•What's happening in Chiapas today?

If your wondering what is happening in Chiapas these days, check out Jaguar Sun! <> a website by Jeeni Criscenzo. In the opening to her website Jeeni says, "The Maya did NOT disappear. Read about the problems facing the Maya today in Chiapas Mexico.

I found the letters from Juanita Rodriguez, who has just completed a Pastors For Peace caravan into several remote areas of Chiapas to be particularly fascinating.

Jeenie is also the author of a novel, Place of Mirrors. It is told from the perspective of Christina Rossi who knew almost nothing about the ancient Maya. Then one day something happened that would make learning about this little-known civilizayion an obsession. She traveled through Mexico in search of the reason behind the dreams that were haunting her…Christina would discover that reason in Palenque... Lorena

•Proud to be An American … I Guess

In incoherent Spanish I told the agent that I lost all my papers: my passport; my money; my plane tickets; everything! “No puedo regresar en mi pais!” I stammered. Various scenarios began flashed through my imagination. Would I be arrested? Would I be penniless on the street at night in Villahermosa?..... by Louis Barton

Impressions of Mexico

Having been totally unprepared for bandits, the car windows were rolled down and the doors were unlocked. I hurriedly started rolling up windows and locking doors. I asked the guy on the passenger side what he wanted; your billfold, was his reply. Suddenly the other guy had the driver’s door open. Louis Barton

•Living in San Cristobal

Very quickly upon our arrival we found this place to be tranquil enough to walk alone at night. Once we actually forgot our bag in the market and came back 4 hours later and it was still there. In addition, we have e-mail, so we are able to continue close communication with our family and friends in Northern California. Within 2 weeks we found an ideal house on the outskirts of town, in a 200-year-old ranch that was once the home of the Harvard University Mayan research project. ... by Sage Mountainfire

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