The People's Guide To Mexico

The People's Guide to Mexico
Letters from PG Readers

You could have been making it all up

You may or may not be pleased to know that I have dusted off my trusty old copy of the People’s Guide and taken to reading it again during breakfast and quiet moments out at the latrine. The book has been in hibernation for years since my first devouring of its pages in my late adolescence.

Back then I thought your book to be a bible of good words, wise advise and fine tips. But since I'd never travelled in Mexico, what the hell did I know? You could have been making it all up.

But now I've been living deep down in Mexico for a quarter of my life and I know a thing or two about the ways and by ways of the Mexican folks. And one thing I've learned well is the con job, slight of hand, bells and whistles and quick talking sale. And all of that the P's G is NOT! I've been enjoying it all over again and finding it to be as full of wisdom as I did when I didn't know ‘nada’. Eric Mindling, Potterologist

he People's Guide to Mexico
13th edition
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