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Letters from the Homepage:

"Much Belated letter"

Carl and Lorena

About twenty years ago you appeared at some building or other at the University of Washington. Have read your books since the '72' edition (still have a couple three copies of that edition hanging around here someplace).

Anyway my wife to be and I were going to go to the central Mexican mountains and see the Monarch butterflies and be married amidst the glorious sunrise and butterfly poop.... Well we did go to there to a small town of Angengeio (spelling), stayed at a nice little hotel run by a nice family, who directed us to the town mayor who told us that we would needed to have gotten permits in Morelia to get married there. Well, after having driven from Morelia in a Mexican VW bug, after having et the TORTA FROM HELL !! which caused me three days of kissing gratefully the cool tiles in the bathroom of our hotel, I was NOT going back there!!!

SO we took a cattle truck (still had at least half of the drivers side windshield intact) up to see the butterflies. I still have a photo (this was over twenty years ago now mind you) of me with a butterfly on my finger.. I am the guy who you see in parks holding out his finger trying to get a butterfly to land. SO this was a dream come true... sort of. We ended up on Guadalajara from whence we flew back to the lovely Pacific North west...

O the best part..when we met you folks you signed my copy of your book ...well you know the one about colors that you were not especially thrilled about somebody showing up with....Anyway It got chewed on a bit by one of my now ex wife's bunny rabbits (see even the butterflies of Mexico cannot guarantee a marriage)...So far I have been searching ebay for another copy. I know that oneday one will show up...

Anyway. Though now disabled and unable to do stuff like go on airplanes and take busses and trains, I still read your books, just for the joy of reading them. It is a blessing to see you both still doing this, and making some sort of living at it... So hang in there. You have more fans out here then you know about.......

Those on the straightrazorplace shaving group on Yahoo call me

jim in G.B.

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