I am finally taking the time to write, and hope that this gets through to you. We have been traveling in Latin America for quite awhile, having started back in 2003 with short trips into Mexico. In December, 2007 we crossed into Mexico and then throughout Central America; we shipped to Cartagena, Colombia, in June, 2008; and we are still here. All this in our tiny casa rodante.

Anyhow, over the years, when we've had car trouble, or needed the name of something, or how to figure out how to do something, your book has been extremely helpful. Also some great recipes. Just wanted you to know that!
Rick and Kathy Howe, in La Tortuga
Huichol Yarn Painting

The People's Guide to Mexico

Best Travel Book Award: Independent Publisher Association
"The best guidebook to adventure in the whole world" - Harper's
2006 Book of the Year Award: Planeta.com

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