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Copper Canyon

Burro Hike: Difficulty & Weather

published: Jan 08


This adventure involves several days of moderate to strenuous hiking over rugged terrain. The trails, some barely more than goat paths, are steep, with loose volcanic scree and fist-sized rocks making the downhills sometimes difficult. However, all gear is carried by burros with the exception of a light day pack with water and items for the day.

The first day’s descent is @3500 feet (5-6 miles), with less than @1500 feet remaining to the river the second day.

The third day offers an optional day hike of over @2000 feet elevation gain with 3 river crossings on the return.

The day we leave the river we have a @3000 feet elevation gain.

The sixth day we only have a @2000 feet elevation gain back to the canyon rim.

We try to allow people to go at their own pace, dividing the guides to allow the fast walkers to be out ahead and the slower, under no pressure, behind. Good health and good physical condition are essential but age is not always a factors


This adventure involves several days of moderate to strenuous hiking over rugged terrain. A good sense of balance is helpful and comfortable hiking boots are essential for the sustained downhill. The canyon rim is over 7000 feet, so those living at sea level may not be aware that they need acclimatization.


These trips are scheduled during the dry, cool winter season in the Sierra Madres. Our fall and spring dates will have the warmest temperatures when the canyon bottom can be in the 80's- 90's and the rim at night in the 60's. November through February dates are cooler with the canyon bottom in the 60's and 70's (nights 50's) and the rim 40's-50's (nights 30's). Winter storm systems periodically affect this area (particularly Dec-Jan), and can cause freezing temperatures and snow on the rim and rain in the canyon bottom with the lowest recorded temperature at 45 degrees.


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