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Health Care In Mexico?

Dear Lorena and Carl,

Hello! My partner and I both enjoy The People’s Guide so much! We are unable to locate your camping guide as it is out of print.

We are traveling in Mexico for 6 months. This is a highly unusual event, a dream come true. We will be living out of our van and roughing it a lot. We hope to be able to afford to join you on one of your tours in the future.

I have a question. What about medical insurance? Where is the cheapest and is it a must?

We hope to cross paths with you. Happy Trails!


Ms. Ginger Posey and Jeff MacInnis

Lorena: We just received a copy of The Traveler's Guide To Mexican Camping: Explore Mexico with your RV and Tent by Mike and Terri Church. Rather than a how-to guide, this book appears to be a comprehensive directory (with many maps) of Mexican RV parks and campgrounds.

Now, about health insurance, jennifer rose helps us out.

Like sex, health insurance is a personal thing. It all depends upon the condition of your health, your age, your bank account and your risk level. You can go bare, self insuring to pay for any medical care you may require while in Mexico. Mexican medical care is a genuine bargain. However, if you've allowed your U.S. health insurance to lapse, you may confront waiting periods and denial of coverage for pre existing conditions when you try to obtain coverage upon your return to the U.S.

You can continue your current U.S. health insurance program. Most plans provide for coverage while you're vacationing abroad, although the quality of your benefit may be reduced. You will have to pay for medical services and submit a claim to your health insurer; Mexican doctors and hospitals do not accept assignments of benefits. Read your policy and ask your agent.

Continuing coverage under an existing policy ensures no lapses in coverage upon your return. Some travellers accept a very high deductible to reduce policy costs while ensuring coverage for catastrophic care only. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Delaware International Division insures expatriates and travellers, allowing conversion from existing BCBS plans. 800-342-0719. 302-421-3062.

You will not be in Mexico long enough to justify application to the state-run IMSS program.

- Jennifer J. Rose,

From the People's Guide Travel Letter #5

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