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Published -*-*-* 2008

From the La Villada Inn hostel which is constructed entirely from ecological materials, to a chance to practice traditional medicine such as limpias (natural healing), Oaxaca is a mecca for alternative tourism.

Acapulco and Cancun

Travelers looking to explore the more lively charms of Mexico's coastline can head further south to Acapulco or Cancun. Famed for their nightlife, coral reefs and picture-perfect beaches, these glamorous resorts offer all the beauty of the Caribbean islands for a fraction of the price.

- - Although there are (of course) a number of luxury hotels, budget accommodation is also readily available. Both Cancun and Acapulco hostels boast great facilities - from air-conditioning to Jacuzzis - while providing a cheap, comfortable base from which to enjoy the many clubs and water-sports available.

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