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Are there jobs in Mexico for a Dialysis Nurse?

I am hoping that you might offer some guidance. I am not ready to retire financially but am looking at relocating to Mexico. I am a dialysis nurse administrator and would like to work in a similar field there. I would be quite happy to do some humanitarian work and do not expect to get rich but to create some meamingful existance there. Can you direct me how to start this adventure? I would like to be in some proximity to the arts community in San Miguel.

Thanks for any advise you might give.


Bill Masterson Replies:

Finding the information you’re looking for will require spending some time networking in San Miguel de Allende. Given the number of foreign residents/visitors in that community I’m assuming some are in need of dialysis – as are Mexican residents/visitors.

There are humanitarian organizations at work in Central Guanajuato, including San Miguel de Allende, but I don’t know the names; some are affiliated with religious organizations (Catholic, Lutheran, etc.).

Living and working in Mexico requires approval of the Mexican government, and working in the medical field may require licensing, the criteria for which you may or may not meet (under Mexican regulations). Though it’s not too difficult to gain approval to live in Mexico, the work approval part could prove bothersome (or, in the alternative, time-consuming).

The cost of living in San Miguel de Allende has risen sharply in the past three or four years, particularly apartment/home rentals. The arts community continues to thrive.

The following internet websites are good general sources of information for San Miguel de Allende and you might want to pose your questions to them and their sponsors to see what can be learned. Local networking will, I think, be the way to finding answers to your questions.

The Midday Rotary Club of San Miguel:

San Miguel Guide:

Portal San Miguel:

Internet San Miguel:

Atencion San Miguel:

Warren Hardy:

Bill Masterson

Bill Masterson recently returned to the Unit

ed States after living and working in Mexico for six years as a corporate trainer. He continues to travel to Mexico for work and pleasure.

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