Bobi & Scott Wilson

We crossed the border Nov 14 and traveled Baja's Mex 1. Playa El Burro on the Bahia de Conception tempted us to stay the winter, but with all the Canadians and Washingtonians, we weren't getting much chance to experience the Mexican people/culture. Our neighbors were from Stanwood and Everett WA, both within 40 minutes from the house we just sold!

While there we took the kids out for first skinny dipping experience and found phosphorescence! Marvelous-like dancing with the fairies. Teagan, 13, said "I was thinking Mexico wasn't that cool but this is great." Kirk, our 9 year old, found a scorpion (the hard way) in his swim trunks. The next day after picking up clams he found an octopus in his pocket. We've come to call them Kirk's Magic Britches. Won't find these kinds of experiences in the classroom!

We ferried from LaPaz to Los Mochis, stopped in Mazatlan for the night, then arrived Teacupan early enough to get our Thanksgiving dinner cooking.

We're back in Mazatlan staying at the Mar Rosa RV park awaiting a visit from mi madre y mi hermana. Will head south after Christmas with great hopes of finding a quiet beach with a nice little palapa to snug into for the winter. Sayulita sounds possible.

Revelations? Fresh off the tree grapefruit! Stars! Limonada! Many others profound yet subtle; need to work them inside for a bit before I might hope to express them. We're loving Mexico and its people. Whenever I'm feeling intimidated or out of place, I try a tentative smile or wave and am invariably met with the most beautiful, warm smiles that seem to generate deep from within. Muy rico ( correcto?) I'm eager to get to know them better. Hope our winter digs will provide more opportunity to do so. How will we ever learn Spanish hanging out with tourists!

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