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Camping on the Pacific Coast of Michoacan

After spending some four years living and traveling up and down the rugged and beautiful coast of Michoacan I have formed some opinions about travel and camping safety....My advice is to not camp alone on a seemingly deserted beach.... (more) by David Eidell (Published 4-08)

Camping Mexico's Baja, by Mike & Terri Church

For RV'ers to the Baja peninsula and Puerto Penasco upper gulf region.... Even though much of the text is the same as what's inside the larger Mexico guide, the information has been updated, new parks have been added and the book was designed and printed with shaded reference tabs on the outside to help find a particular section. I particularly like the inclusion of handy RV parks on the US side adjacent to major border crossing points... (more) review by David "El Codo" Eidell.

RV Adventures in Mexico with Reta & Dick

•#1) South from Lake Chapala

On, January 4, 2001 we took off from our home on Mexico’s Lake Chapala, for a 3 month trip in our truck & 5th wheel trailer. Is a 29 1/2ft fifth wheel (with slide-out) an ideal RV for Mexico? Probably not, but we already had it from our previous extended travels in the U.S. & Canada, so decided to go for it and see what happens.... (more) by Reta & Dick Bray

Winnie the Winnebago Goes To Mexico

We headed through the Mexican customs checkpoint with the ‘random’ red or green light. Of course we got the red light. They asked for our import permit, passport and vehicle registration. The customs man began looking Winnie over....but, it seemed to be taking a little too long. I was starting to wonder if something might be wrong. I saw a grim look on his face. Then he hit us with the bad news. “This is not this car.” (in Spanish).

....My heart started pounding hard; my fluent Spanish was reduced to dribble and I could not speak.....Winnie's troubles had just begun: (more) by Paige & Rich Demuth

•Northern Mexico Campground Report

A few kms before getting to Teacapan there is a campground called Rancho Las Lupitas along the highway. Just past Rancho las Lupitas, turn right towards the sea and follow a dirt road for about 1+ km. We saw lots of dolphins playing in the bay and a couple came right up to shore persuing fish. Also, this is a great birding area. by Gerry and Maureen Recksiedler

•Traveler's Guide To Mexican Camping

Nearly 250 campgrounds are listed and identified throughout Mexico and Baja California. Most listings include address and telephone number, but more importantly, all campground listings include map sketches of campground locations. Many campground listings have accompanying side-trip recommendations. Book review by David "El Codo" Eidell

The People's Guide to Mexico
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