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Letter from Kathy

Published: February 2011


I just read your site on living in Mexico. My fiancé is/may be retiring and we are giving Mexico serious consideration. We are both musicans and  I am an artist. Looking for an inspiring and healthy life style. 

I've lived many years in Hawaii playing music and now live in Florida.  I would like to know if one like myself could sell art or be a sidewalk portrait artist.  Are there clubs that have live music?  What are your thoughts?   Kathy

Lorena replies:

Hi Kathy,

Have you ever gone to Mexico?  If not, you really should visit Mexico as soon as possible, so you can get an idea of what it might be like to actually live there.  

A couple places that you might consider for your initial visit are San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallarta. There are lots of other artists in both these town, both Mexican and foreigners,  

I am forwarding your email to Robin Noelle in Puerto Vallarta. Robin Noelle is the regional editor for Mexico and Puerto Vallarta local expert at She is also the author of the Moon Guide to Puerto Vallarta.

Robin replies: 

HI Kathy,

Yes, there are a few clubs and hotels that offer live music. Some larger places like the Sheraton book seasonal acts that perform most nights. Note that there is a "union" for musicians and performing in these venues requires a "permit" and the payment of fees and a percentage of your income.

I believe that if you want to sell anything on the sidewalk or Malecon, that you also need a permit and they are very hard to come by. It is all strictly regulated.

There are many artistic people in Puerto Vallarta. Many are retired and do art in their spare time; some attempt it full time but usually require an additional job or income to live. There is also no work available for musicians during the summer/slow season. Many restaurants close or stop having live music because there aren't enough patrons to cover the cost.

Hope that helps,

Kind regards, Robin Noelle

Kathy: Mahalo or your quick response…I have not been to Mexico, but I am from Cali where there is a strong Mexican culture.

Lorena: I too grew up in California, but Mexico is nothing like the any part of California, a fact that many of us are extremely grateful for. You will be surprised.

Robin Noelle, author and editor <>

Regional Editor, Mexico
NileGuide <>

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