The People's Guide To Mexico

•Budget Living in Puerto Vallarta: An Interview with Robert & Deborah Foster Parts I, II & III

We often go for a week or so without leaving the neighborhood or even firing up the old Safari. Usually, we just make a weekly run to the local Lloyds branch to grab a few pesos. Other than that, we're mostly shamelessly lazy homebodies. We spend a huge amount of time sitting on the terrace, staring at the mountains, and planning our next snack.... (more) by Robert & Deborah Foster

Art Jones/Mazatlan

•Gringa Unplugged in Guatemala

"Carl said he was interested in hearing from "people who have successfully unplugged from Gringolandia. " Well, Carl, you know America has a rich history of those that left civilization... (more) " by Lee Valenti

Homesteading on Mexico's Pacific Coast

Dobie and Sergio are homesteading in a former coconut plantation on Mexico's Pacific Coast. From their latest update:

•Living In Zamora

My wife is working teaching English at a campus of Univa here in Zamora. She finds the college age kids a delight, and we have been made to feel very welcome by the people we meet. Zamora is not on the gringo trail and that's just fine with us.... (more) by Pat and Gaby

•Living in San Cristobal

"I moved with my partner to live in San Cristobal de Las Casas, in the state of Chiapas, in February of 1997. Although we had never visited this area of Mexico, we chose San Cristobal, after much research. It fit the list of things we were looking for in a place to spend our two year sabbatical. It had a somewhat intact indigenous culture, moderate highland climate and possibilities for volunteering that would provide meaningful ‘work’. zation behind to pit themselves against the wilderness." by Sage Mountainfire
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