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Moving Household Goods to Mexico

Dear People's Guide

I'm looking for information on how to get my boxed household goods to Mexico. Here's the situation: I have a home in Punta de Mita at the northern tip of the Bahia de Banderas, about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. I will buy furniture in Mexico, but I have about 30 boxes of household goods to move down from Northern California in October of this year.....and want to know the most economical way to do this. How did you get your stuff moved?


Lorena responds

Thanks for writing us.

We brought everything we have down in our Volkswagan van.

I'd suggest you go onto Mexico Connect <> and do a search for "moving," "household goods", "furniture" or such. There is a lot of information there.

If you still have questiones, go on the Live and Retire forum < >and scroll down the forum, looking for similiar questions.

If you still don't find the information that you need, then post your question on the forum.


Susan responds

Thanks Lorena,

I'll post my results in several places because all the responses I've gotten have asked me to share my findings..........I guess lots of folks are moving!

I ordered your book yesterday from and am expecting it tomorrow or the next day. I have so enjoyed your website, and especially have been touched by many of the articles written by contributors. Hope we cross paths one day.
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