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•Similarities between Walden and the PG

I anxiously await any and all info on your new living-retirement efforts. I greatly appreciate the frugality of your general perspective in the PG. And I am as curious as I am puzzled by your stationing in the center of the expat community near Guadalajara for research. by Tom Gibbs

•Salon magazine's travel

I wrote a letter recommending The People's Guide to Mexico when Salon magazine's travel writer asked readers to nominate the century's best books of travel writing......
by Tom Sackett

"Is there anything you haven't seen or done in Mexico?

Reading The People's Guide to Mexico was like being thrown into an adventure movie. It is definitely a book that's hard to put down. I've never read a guide book that was also a novel. I felt as if I was traveling with you and experiencing the same trials and tribulations of travel. The book is packed with so much information on seemingly every subject one might encounter while traveling"...... Marty via email from Colorado
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