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Jonathan A. Pikoff, Esq


Jonathan A. Pikoff is the founder of Pikoff & Associates, a Mexico based law firm. Besides having a law degree in Texas, Mr. Pikoff studied the full 5 year law program at the prestigious National University in Mexico City. He is one of few attorneys with law degrees in both the U.S.A. and Mexico.
His practice focuses on real estate development and advising U.S. public and private companies doing business in Mexico.
He is fluent in Spanish and lives in Los Cabos, Mexico, where he has an active law practice. The firm also has offices in Mexico City and Houston, Texas. He can be reached at: Tel. 011 (52) (624) 129 8019 or JPikoff@pikofflaw.com and www.PikoffLaw.com.

Buying Land in Mexico?

The regulations on the sale of real property to foreigners are found in the Mexican Foreign Investment Law. An American (or any foreign national) can acquire land almost anywhere in Mexico with the permission of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The only exception in the Foreign Investment Law is that foreigners may not acquire directly real property in the "restricted zone".

The restricted zone is the strip of land 100 km from the border and 50 km from the beach. If a foreigner wishes to acquire land in the restricted zone, he or she may enter into a trust agreement with a Mexican bank.... (more) by Jonathan A. Pikoff, Esq.

Lost in Translation: Texas Notary Public v. Mexico Notario Publico

When you are told the Mexican Notario Publico will charge $3,000 dollars to make you the beneficiary of a trust on a Mexican beachfront condo, you certainly know things are different in Mexico. This article will clarify the misconception that commonly occurs when individuals familiar with the Texas Office of Notary Public encounter a Mexican Notario Publico.

Despite sharing a common linguistic derivation, these two titles convey vastly different responsibilities upon their respective officeholders.... (more) by Jonathan A. Pikoff, Esq. and Charles J. Crimmins

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