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Bill Masterson

Bill Masterson recently returned to the United States after living and working in Mexico for six years as a corporate trainer. He continues to travel to Mexico for work and pleasure.
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Articles by Bill Masterson

Are there jobs in Mexico for a Dialysis Nurse?

I am not ready to retire financially but am looking at relocating to Mexico. I am a dialysis nurse administrator and would like to work in a similar field there. I would be quite happy to do some humanitarian work and do not expect to get rich but to create some meamingful existance there..... (more) Reply by Bill Masterson

Can I be a Real Estate Agent in Puerto Vallarta?

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent here and am wondering if I would be able to continue with real estate sales in PV. Would I have to become re qualified to practice in some way? I realize the unemployment rates are high there. Is it practical for me to pursue employment?.... (more) Reply by Bill Masterson

Avoid Oaxaca For The Next Few Months (Nov. 06)

If you’ll be a first-time visitor to Oacaca and expect to see the city/area made famous by travel brochures and travel guides - you do not want to visit now.....avoid Oaxaca like the plague for the next few months until the violence/disruptions subside... (more) by Bill Masterson

Working In Mexico as a Medical or Legal Transcriptionist

Is it possible to work as a medical or legal transcriptionist via the net? Can I work from Mexico? How much will I earn?.... (more) with an answer by Bill Masterson

2002 Tax Changes In Mexico

During the closing hours of 2001, and early on January 1, 2002, Mexican lawmakers approved a US $7.5 billion hike in taxes. Expat residents and tourists alike are subject to these increases. (more) by Bill Masterson

National Identity Cards? How Many Americans Live In Mexico?

Bill Masterson revisits the topic: "...Mexico has announced a national identity card program for foreign residents, and the creation of a database to track their whereabouts. The national identity card program may finally produce an the answer to the question, "How many Americans live in Mexico?" (more) by Bill Masterson

Owning and Operating a Small Business in Mexico

The biggest obstacles the new investor/small business owner faces are the lack of familiarity with the government regulations and, for many, the inability to communicate in Spanish. With a little time and patience, both major obstacles can be overcome.... (more) by Bill Masterson

•Yanks Abroad: How Many Americans Really Live In Mexico?

One of the key factors that comes into play when most people consider moving to another country is how many of their fellow countrymen are already there. For all of our professed desire for independence, when push comes to shove, most of us really want to be in relatively close proximity to some people that are similar to us.... (more) by Bill Masterson

•Oaxaca: I've Changed My Mind

Many people travel to Oaxaca, often repeatedly, without really understanding why, as if commanded to do so by some force they cannot see. At the beginning of the year I made my fifth trip to the city of Oaxaca and I am asking myself, "Why?" I have given the question some thought and have come to the conclusion that I really do not enjoy this city anymore. by Bill Masterson

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