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Steve Rogers 1938 - 1999

Our dear, departed compadre; inspiration and co-author of The People's Guide to Mexico and the People's Guide To RV Camping in Mexico. There's a popular saying that goes, "Like Mexico, there is only one." The same was often said of Steve!

Tina Rosa

Among her many talents and first-hand travel experiences, Tina and Steve Rogers wrote Mexico In 22 Days and The Shopper's Guide To Mexico. Tina said before leaving for Mexico on her own last fall, "I've come to the conclusion that any woman who hitch-hiked alone thru Mexico in her 20's can drive thru Mexico alone in her 50's!"

Felisa 'Churpa' Rosa Rogers

Felisa 'Churpa' Rosa Rogers was born into Mexico travel. Her dad, Steve Rogers, of Grunterama fame, and her mom, travel writer Tina Rosa, took her to Mexico in a ‘68 Dodge camper when she was two months old. As she grew up, the family typically spent half of each year exploring the back roads of Mexico and Guatemala in a succession of beloved vans. Today.....

David “El Codo” Eidell

Following my tradition of doing things back assward, I first went to Baja, Mexico in the SUMMER (!) of 1964, riding in the back of my brother's new CJ-5 Jeep. I rode on four cases of warm bubbling Cerveza Corona. I was so dumb that I had to ask how to say "no" in Spanish (one cannot enter Mexico for the first time more naive than I was).... (more)

P.G. Meier

P.G Meier is a native Californian who lives in Oakland with his wife, dog and cat. He has traveled in Mexico since the early seventies and says there is no better way to start a day than drinking a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in an open-air café while the sun warms the day.

Joan Parker

Many years ago we met Joan Parker while camping on a remote beach in western Mexico. Joan and her 8 year-old son Galen, along with a large dog, were traveling in a well-seasoned Volvo station wagon. Later, and much farther down the road in Chiapas, Joan would encourage us to accompany her and Galen into Guatemala (against the advice of a blustery Texan, who claimed his RV had been machine-gunned at the Honduras-Guatemala border). Today, Joan’s style not only continues to be gutsy, but she also lives and travels very skillfully on a limited budget.

Cathy Waterman and Mike Huckaby

Cathy Waterman and Mike Huckaby are avid hikers and who fell in love with Copper Canyon and the people who inhabit it on their first trip to the area. They started guiding in the canyon soon after meeting Carl Franz and falling prey to his infectious enthusiasm for the region, They have just started their own guiding service, Copper Canyon Trails, to share the wonders of the canyon and its inhabitants with fellow adventurers. Cathy and Mike live in Tucson with their rescue dog, Remolino.


Dobie and Sergio are homesteading in a former coconut plantation on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Dobie says, "For the last 25 years, I've spent the winter camping out on a beautiful beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Being a fairly sociable person, I've made some good friends in the nearby town, and had come to think of the place as my second home. For the last 10 years or so, I've had fantasies of living there full time."

Teresa A. Kendrick

Teresa A. Kendrick is a six-year resident of Mexico from Austin, Texas, with degrees in journalism and design. Her work in the museum world ignited a passion for Latin American art that led her to make Mexico "home". For the last 15 years Teresa has combined her skills to create organizations and publications to acquaint the English-speaking community with Mexico. She recently stepped away from a weekly arts column for the English-language newspaper, Guadalajara Colony Reporter to devote more time to this book.

Robert & Deborah Foster

A few of months ago, Lorena and I received an email from Robert and Deborah Foster, in which Robert described their house and comfortable new life just outside of Puerto Vallarta. I know... for many People’s Guide readers, the thought of living in or even near a major Mexican tourist resort is about as appealing as a condo in Disneyland. In our subsequent exchange of emails, however, I was greatly impressed by the Foster’s skillful transition from Colorado to Mexico, and their choice of a deliberately modest lifestyle. I’ve often said that you don’t have to go very far from any city or resort to find the better side of this country.

Bill Masterson

Bill Masterson recently returned to the United States after living and working in Mexico for six years as a corporate trainer. He continues to travel to Mexico for work and pleasure.

Taylor & Terri Benson

Fact: My first experience eating Mexican food was at 12 months, being fed enchiladas by my Grandfather at the Little Mexico Café in San Angelo, Texas while beads of sweat broke out on my face. They say I kept reaching for more….

Stan Gotlieb

Stan Gotlieb is accurately described as an irreverent, itinerant, ne'er-do-well gringo malcontent who discovered home, patience and a positive attitude while sitting in the sidewalk cafés of Oaxaca. His website includes a sample of his pithy online newsletter (available by subscription only) and his Letters From Oaxaca Mexico, a mixed bag of advice, humor, politics, culture and history.... (more)

Robin Noelle

Robin Noelle is a professional writer, living and working in Mexico. When she is not writing articles or working on a book, she handles public relations and marketing for a handful of local and international clients. She graduated from California State University, Chico with a degree in Journalism, specializing in public relations. Ms. Noelle has lived all over the United States and now makes her home in Bucerias, Nayarit, on the west coast of Mexico, just north of Puerto Vallarta. You can find out more on her website:

Mike Warshauer

Mike Warshauer resides in a Mid-South state of some recent Federal notoriety. He and his wife Susan enjoy travel, especially in México. Because of a plug by Carl Franz in an ad for Fenix Language Institute, in Cuernavaca, Mike attended a two-week immersion course in 1992, and loved it all.

Jim Jamieson

Jim Jamieson has been a reporter for The Province newspaper in Vancouver, Canada for the last 15 years, covering sports, hard news and, most recently, high technology. He has also written numerous freelance magazine and newspaper articles about Mexico and no longer sweats in the D.F. Jim was also an editor and typist (in the pre-computer days) for "The People's Guide to Boating, Backpacking and Camping in Mexico.

David Landsel

David Landsel flew on one airplane too many as a travel writer for the New York Post, before deciding to take a break. He's currently psyching himself up for a Brooklyn to Los Angeles move.

John Regan

John Regan says of himself: I have probably bought ten copies of your book. And given them away to less informed souls while I have travelled Mexico. Thanks for your wonderful insight, recipes and humorous stories!!! My name is John Regan and I am the Diving Safety Officer for National Geographic T.V. Also I am an avid Mexico traveller and have been going south since '76. I travel to BAJA at least twice a year. I will be happy to update Baja road conditions, locations of military checkpoints ,the cool beaches, etc.


Wendy Dison

Wendy Dison is an artist, designer and traveller. Since 1980 she has been off the beaten track, usually alone, in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, always travelling with a sketchbook. At home, her drawings provide inspiration for artwork, including handmade greetings cards. Wendy currently lives with her partner, Dick, in an 85 year old house in Chester, in northern England, where she has a studio and workshop. Leisure time is spent in the nearby mountains of Wales.

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