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Mexico's Copper Canyon Trails

Barranca de Cobre • Batopilas • Urique • Oteros • Candamena • Oteros • Sinforosa • Chinipas

Mexico's Copper Canyon is much more than just one canyon. The vast northwestern Sierra Madre and Sierra Tarahumara include at least 15 major canyons, the homeland of tens of thousands of Tarahumara (Raramuri) Indians, traditional Mexican ranchers, and prospectors. Just a day's travel south of the U.S. border, the Copper Canyon is still remarkably untouched by progress. This is one of America's best, yet least-known regions for hiking, camping, and do-it-yourself adventure.

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Here's my guiding schedule for the next season, 2002 through Spring of 2003:

Oct 10 to Oct 19, 2002: Adventure Specialist's Copper Canyon hike

Oct 10 to Oct 19, 2002: Custom Trip for Artists led by Carl Franz [private]

Oct 21 to Oct 29, 2002: Southern Oteros Exploratory trip led by Carl Franz [waiting list]

Oct 27 to Nov 6, 2002: Copper Canyon Horse Trip by Adventure Specialists

Nov 7 to Nov 16, 2002: Adventure Specialist's Copper Canyon hike led by Carl Franz

Nov 23 to Dec 7, 2002: 15 Day Copper Canyon & Sierra Madre Tour (Sierra Club) led by Carl Franz [waiting list]

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