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Baja Update

November 10, 2001
From John Regan

Here is the latest, though I have been unable to get down to Baja this month. My contacts in Cabo say H20 (the potable kind) is still hard to get unless you are in a hotel. Military check points are still out in droves, but are being polite, according to my friend steve who just returned from Todo Santos. As far as I know, all the roads repaired or under repair and back to normal....friends drove to la Paz from Loreto this week, and had only a small detour on a dirt road, but no biggie...All traffic moving fine. Lorena, I do not know the status from La Paz to Cabo currently

The Ultimate Seafood Cocktail Sauce

"Dear Carl and Lorena: I became addicted to cocteles de mariscos and desperately want a good recipe for the red sauce so I can try and reproduce un coctel at home. Can you help? Thanks!" Justin

In response: David "El Codo" Eidell shares his ultimate seafood cocktail sauce ....

•Baja Updates

Oct 21, 2001
From Linda Slover

...The main problem for travelers is the dirt, lack of water because of the rationing and the raw sewage which turns to dirt which gets into the air and your lungs. Be aware.... (more)

Oct 13, 2001

Latest reports from the cape indicate that Mex 1, the transpeninsular highway is open once more. Pavement is missing or damaged south of Mulege, Loreto, and La Paz, but rough hewn detours allow passage of most vehicles. The corridor highway from San Jose del Cabo to San Lucas is open and functioning (more) From David Eidell

The Unforgettable Sea Of Cortez

Baja California's Golden Age 1947-1977: The Life And Writings Of Ray Cannon, By Gene S. Kira. First time visitors to Baja often find themselves marveling at their barely suppressed sense of euphoria. It's cause is difficult to define, but the elation does not dissipate over time, and is not limited to just a single nationality. Much like JRR Tolkien's description of mortals marveling at the surreal ambiance in the land of Elves -- many find themselves mesmerized by mirages that lift entire islands high into the sky and by the illusion of flying because the sky and sea have become one. It is a powerful yet benevolent narcotic.... (more) Review by David "El Codo" Eidell

What is a Vipassana Meditation Course Like?

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the Vipassana 10 day meditation course. I was introduced to meditation while practicing yoga. I am interested in the course and would love to hear about your personal experiences during the 10 day course. I am a person who loves to talk, so I am wondering if I can even manage to be mostly silent for 10 days. That in itself would be a challenge! I would also love to know how you have applied Vipassana to your daily life.

Thanks! April,

Lorena responds:.... (more)

Driving in Baja: San Felipe to Bahia de Los Angeles

The road south from San Felipe is not in good shape now, but is certainly passable in a loaded van if you drive slowly. The road is paved from San Felipe to Puertecitos, but was badly damaged several years ago during some fierce storms. It hasn't been completely repaved since then... (more) . Questions by Steve & Jo Knight; Answers by Douglas Havens

Recommended Baja Books by Vee Weber

These are not funny (haha) books. And not necessarily good travel books. I pull these out and read them again when I want a little tristeza with my coffee.... (more) by Vee Weber

Dear Carl and Lorena,

When I was in high school in 1991 I purchased your book, The People's Guide to Mexico. It became one of my favorite books and spurred an interest in eventually seeing Mexico. In 1994, I married a Spanish major and finally got the opportunity to see the country. Since then, we have returned three more times and have seen many of the central cities as well as a few popular beach towns.

I want to thank you for writing such a great book.   My only complaint is that everytime I read your book I start getting the urge to return again. I guess that once Mexico is in your blood it always will be. 

Best regards, Chet Vahovius

Hi Lorena

I really like your site, but none of the links go where they are supposed to on the Mexico Websites page!!! Is it me??......

Thanks Jo-Anne Dooley

Lorena: It turns out that there is a bug in Adobe GoLive that sometimes does an URL scramble. I was able to go back into my archives and find an unscrambled copy. However, if you find any more pages with scrambled URLs, please let me know. Thanks...

Frequently Asked Questions: Buying Prescription Medicines in Mexico

•The People’s Guide has the last word on drugs in Mexico, right?
•Can I buy controlled drugs over-the-counter in Mexico?
•How do I know if a medicine is available in Mexico?
•Who’s telling the truth here? What’s the real scoop?
•Five Very Important Points about buying Mexican medications!
PLUS Many More

Cozumel Dive Boat Scam

We had been approached by a nice man in the Plaza Las Glorious Hotel who had a picture on his desk in the lobby of a neat looking catamaran with happy-party people on board. The boat was named the Zorro. He offered us a six-hour cruise to snorkel and swim for about 800 pesos per day.... (more) by Jon Bowman

El Codo Tests "Crocodile" Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Sure enough... just at sundown, precisely when the breeze died, no-see-ums started chewing on my ankles. I wiped some Crocodile up to my knees and.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

Mexico City: Is It Safe?

As the bus pulled into the Terminal del Norte, we made our final preparations for Mexico City.

"Weapons on auto?" I said.

"Check," said my wife Nancy.

"Camouflage paint?"

"Check, dad," said Hannah, my 10-year-old, putting a last black streak on her cheek.

"Money belts secured?"

"Check," I answered myself.

With that, the bus ground to a halt and in a moment we were standing on the tarmac at the Terminal del Norte in the gathering darkness..... (more) by Jim Jamieson

Huatulco: Boat Cruise Warning

If you're planning a boat cruise in Huatulco, make sure you get ALL the details before handing over the pesos. This obvious, though often overlooked guideline is likely true for any resort in Mexico, but we learned the hard way in Huatulco.... (more) by Jim Jamieson

Char & Al and friends taking motorhomes into Mexico

Saltillo to Zinapecuaro (via Zacatecas, Guadalajara, Ajijic, Chapala & Lake Patzcuaro)

Wow! We're actually here! We left Winter Haven, Florida, on Jan. 2nd, where we were freezing to death, drove slowly across I-10, still freezing to death, until we reached San Antonio on Jan. 7th. This is where we were to meet with Bruce and Judy, our friends from Massachusetts, and Donna and Dell from Winter Haven. Via our cell phones, we knew that Donna and Dell were going to be delayed a day, but Bruce and Judy showed up right on time, so all seemed OK.... (Until we reached the border)....Thus, if a tow car is brought along as a 2nd vehicle, it has to be put into a 2nd person’s name. All the paperwork has to be separated into one car or motorhome per person....Important: This also means having a credit card in each person’s name.... (more) by Char & Al Bennett

Paisano Mexican Auto Insurance

Your American or Canadian automobile insurance is not valid once you cross the border into Mexico. If you have an accident while in Mexico, even if you were not at fault, you can be put into jail for failure to have liability insurance coverage..... (more) by Richard Dalton of Paisano Mexican Insurance

Owning and Operating a Small Business in Mexico

The biggest obstacles the new investor/small business owner faces are the lack of familiarity with the government regulations and, for many, the inability to communicate in Spanish. With a little time and patience, both major obstacles can be overcome.... (more) by Bill Masterson

RV Adventures in Mexico with Reta & Dick

#2) Oaxaca

Oaxaca Trailer Park is a busy crossroads, where we met people coming north, who had traveled down the Gulf Coast through the Yucatan peninsula & Chiapas, and people heading south, like us. Some people spend only a night, others stay for months. (more) by Reta & Dick Bray

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