The People's Guide To Mexico

Peoples Guide to Mexico

"By Golly, by Gum"

Published Nov 2002

Saludos Carl & Lorena!

I was taking a little break yesterday afternoon and surfin' the web when I fell into your site. By golly, by gum, you can't imagine how absolutely delighted I was to find access to couple of my ol heroes from the 70's!! I used to have the most beat up dog eared copy of "peoples guide" you could imagine. I swear, must of hauled it around until it was dust, loved that book! Read it over and over! And now, to find out that your still at it, well, that's outstanding to say the least!!!

So anyway, just wanted to "doy las gracias", knowing you thru your writing back than, (as a hippy-dippy gitano struggling to find a way to perpetuate my life in Mexico, ya sabes), and now rediscovering Y'all from a very different perspective of life (as a middle aged woman running a custom home building company here in S. Baja, yep, found a way to stay), I find what you have to say to be as valid and enjoyable to read now as I ever did way back when!

Que Dios Los Bendiga, Sara

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