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•30 Years ago: Hitchhiked B.C. to Mexico
with the PG stuffed in backpack

from Richard Kerk-Hecker

Published Oct 06

Dear Carl and Lorena,

I can hardly believe it was 30 years ago that I hitchhiked from B.C. to Mexico with your People's Guide To Mexico stuffed into my backpack. It was in the pages of that book that I first learned of a sleepy little village called Puerto Escondido. I ended up living there for several months, and it was one of the most memorable times of my life.

Life has kept me pretty busy since then, but now I'm thinking of leaving my log house in the wilds of central B.C. to retire in warmer climes. Imagine my surprise and joy when I began to do some research, and found not only an updated edition of your amazing book (which I immediately ordered - my old dog-eared copy having disintegrated from overuse many moons ago), but also your excellent website.

I am also a bit of a writer and have a website largely devoted to astronomy:

I'm glad to have this opportunity to thank-you for your truly inspiring and informative book that had such a big influence on my life. Maybe I'll run into you down there some time and we can raise a glass to Steve. I hope so.

Keep up the good work. Adios for now...

Richard Kerk-Hecker

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