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Adventures In Mexico

Please Come Back

I air raced for years to and from Mexico and learned to love all the little towns we landed in, and of course the people. Everyone was so friendly, they all wanted to know how we liked their town, and asked us to please come back.... (more) from Peggy Sanders

 •Kayaking In Baja?

My reason for writing to you right now is as follows: I'm a 40-year-old guy, 6'3", (that's pretty tall), and I want to take a sea kayak all alone from Mulege to La Paz in about one month. I don't know what kind of kayak I should buy or where I should buy it (I'm leaning toward saving for a while and buying a two-person Klepper and sails) never mind how I'm going to get it there ( to Bahia Concepcion, that is - should I try and throw it on the roof of a Green Tortoise Bus?).... (more) from Justin Bill

•Mountain Biking in Mexico?

Please tell me, in your opinion, if this is a stupid idea: buy some mountain bikes, bring them in our car to San Diego, leave our car with friends there, ride our bikes down to Baja, and then bike and bus (and ferry) wherever we please through Mexico.... (more) by Peter Herman

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