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GPS Receivers for Mexico

by Mark Walker

Published May 08
Any Garmin receiver will work in Mexico as long as it has the ability to load extra maps.

Most users are choosing a Nuvi of some kind since they are the newest models. They range in price form under $200 for a refurbished model, to well over $500 (and even higher) for the latest medels, depending on features and screen size. Some features that are popular in the US will not be available in Mexico, such as MSN DIrect and Google Local content. These services are available only in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles or Austin. Check the web for your area. Suggested models Nuvi 260W ($449.99 list), Nuvi 5000 on the high end. A refurbished Nuvi 200 is around $175.

Tracks enable you to retrace your steps. This feature is for the serious off roader and is not included in the Nuvi or StreetPilot models which are for highway travel. Only a handheld mapping GPS receiver is capable of this features. Suggested model GPSMAP 60CSx ($399.99 list)

A low end Garmin GPS receiver and the SD card for Mexico ($99.99) can be purchased for around $300 - $500 depending on the model.

Mexico Maps provides all types of maps of Mexico including folded maps, atlases, paper topographic maps and GPS maps. For corporate, research and development, school and library needs we also provide digital geo-referenced topographic maps (DRGs), vector data sets, orthophotos and custom GPS maps.

Mark Walker
World Map Source / Mexico Maps

Also by Mark Walker: 2008: A Great Year for Mexico GPS

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