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Three Handy Mexico Road Atlases for 2008

by Tara Shadowen,

Published: Feb 08

Mini-atlas Turistico de Mexico by Guia Roji $13.95

Guia Roji*, the household word for map in Mexico, just published this new bilingual road atlas with travel information in English (and Spanish) for 60 places and towns. In only 100 pages, it packs in 14 city plans showing main streets and places of interest, an index of cities and populated areas, 18 highway routes with where to exit for services (fuel, restaurant, hospitals).

It provides special inset maps of Mexico City, north and south, which travelers tell us are essential, especially if you want to avoid the grand city.

The map legend is translated and shows symbols for seven kinds of highways and other roads, distances between towns, highway numbers, ports, airports, etc. The scale of the mapping is 1:3,300,000 and the cartography is as clear and easy to read as that of the larger atlases. 2007.

Mexico Hand Atlas by Quimera Editores $10.95

Quimera's award-winning cartography fills 26 map pages that cover all of Mexico at 1:2,500,000 scale. This scale means the maps are rich with details of place names and texture from shaded relief. (Over 40? Reading glasses might come in handy.)

Also included are text descriptions of each state. The legend distinguishes 6 kinds of highways (with numbers), roads and tracks. It also shows railways, car ferries, archeological sites, and other features. (Distances between towns do not appear on the maps.) City plans for 4 cities are provided: Puebla, Monterrey, Guadalajara. Each city plan spreads over two pages, except Mexico City, which is covered in four.

A distinguishing characteristic of this atlas: it offers detailed road information for the small parts of Guatemala and Belize that it shows. The entire atlas is bilingual, English and Spanish. 3rd Edition, 2005.

ITMB Mexico Road Atlas $19.95

The influential ITMB brand now offers a simple road atlas for Mexico. This handy-sized atlas faithfully reproduces the popular ITMB map of Mexico (2008) in simple booklet form for those who need little detail and prefer a magazine-style binding to a folded map. (So faithful is the reproduction that some place names have been truncated at the page edge.)

This booklet provides an index of places, and omits many features found in road atlases of the same size. It's basic road information in a no-frills package by a popular English-language publisher.

*Pronouncing Guia Roji: Easiest for sports car enthusiasts. Start with the word "ghia" as in Karmann Ghia, and add "row-hee." If you're not a car enthusiast, say "gee-uh" but use a hard "G."

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