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the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico

Reviews and About the Authors

Published: May 2010

Geo-Mexico: The Geography and Dynamics of Modern Mexico, by Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton

Growing up in a parochial school system, I was under the impression that the subject geography was limited to identifying countries by their shapes. Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton's Geo-Mexico drove the last nail in the coffin of my childhood misconception. Although it has its share of maps, the volume illustrates both the richness of geography as a field of study and the spectrum of cultural, economic, and environmental anomalies that make Mexico so eternally fascinating.... (more) Review by Felisa Churpa Rosa Rogers

A comprehensive analysis of what is going on in Mexico today
Dr. Henry W. Bullamore, Professor of Geography and Director of the Center for International Education, Frostburg State University, Maryland.

the most comprehensive geographical study of the republic ever published in English,... providing a clear understanding of Mexico in a global context... The end product is a stunning accomplishment... a must-have item for any Mexicophile’s bookcase”.
Dale Palfrey, in a review for Mexico’s longest-running English-language weekly "The Guadalajara Reporter"

Geo-Mexico: the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico, by Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton (Canada: Sombrero Books, 2010). More than 100 original maps and diagrams. Soft cover. ISBN: 978-0 973519136

Geo-Mexico provides a comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of modern Mexico from climates to culture, economy to ecosystems, population to politics, transportation to tourism and globalization to gated communities. The book assesses Mexico’s success in meeting its demographic, economic, and environmental challenges in comparison to other major world countries. Did you realize that Mexico is one of only six world countries which rank in the top 15 worldwide in terms of population, economic production and land area?

Geo-Mexico is the first book ever in English specifically about Mexico’s geography to target college-level students, as well as adults. It utilizes a variety of concepts, models and theories to engage readers in contemporary issues such as development, international migration, urban sprawl, sustainability and hazards like hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and global warming. Geo-Mexico explains Mexico’s growing north-south, urban-rural divide in terms of economic production, income, quality of life, culture, and voting patterns. It traces the historical processes behind Mexico’s current patterns of landforms, population, urbanization, transportation, communications, tourism and migration.

The Authors
- Richard Rhoda is a PhD Geographer (University of Iowa, 1978), who has lived in Mexico since 1999. He has directed major US AID programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as authored a book on development planning. Rhoda has taught university level geography courses, published numerous articles in professional journals, and delivered scores of lectures on Mexico, development and demography.

- Tony Burton is a geographer and educator with graduate degrees from Cambridge and London Universities in the UK. He has authored two previous books about Mexico and published widely on Mexico’s geography, history and ecology. During his 17 years in Mexico, he taught senior high school courses in Greengates School, Mexico City, where he was Deputy Head of the Senior School. He also organized scores of residential field courses for students undertaking investigations in the earth and social sciences. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he was the Chief Examiner for geography for the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization from 2003-2009.

Geo-Mexico’s thirty easy-to-read chapters (8 pages on average) cover all aspects of Mexico’s geography. The book has more than 100 original maps, graphs and diagrams. Over 50 text boxes highlight illustrative examples and case studies. The book is fully referenced with a bibliography and index.

I really enjoyed reading the chapters and feel that this book should be welcomed by teachers, students and anyone interested in Mexico.” Dr. David Truly, Department of Geography / Director of Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Central Connecticut State University

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