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I recently met a young Danish traveler in northern Mexico who wished to learn Spanish in "three or four days." He was in a hurry to get to South America, but felt that achieving fluency in the language was worth such a delay. According to people who do not speak it, the Spanish language is as easy to pick up as the common cold. Don't believe it!


Breaking Out of Beginning Spanish by Joe Keenan

Several years back, journalist Joe Keenan contributed a wonderful series of articles on speaking Spanish to the equally wonderful (but now-defunct) Mexico Journal news magazine. A long-time resident of Mexico, Keenan confesses that he learned Spanish just like the rest of us, by studying, practicising and trial-and-error....One of his best chapters, "64 Verbs, Up Close and Personal", explains how common and essential verbs are best used, and how to avoid their misuse. (Did you know that repetir means both 'to repeat' and 'to burp slightly'?)
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