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A Handbook of Mexican Roadside Flora

Review by Carl Franz

By Charles T. Mason Jr. and Patricia B. Mason, 1987, The University of Arizona Press. ISBN 0-8165-0997-2.

Shortly after tearing my hair out over a mysterious but common plant in western Chihuahua, I was mercifully given a copy of Mexican Roadside Flora by Mary Lou Wilcox, a botanist and natural history book dealer. As Mary Lou noted, my tantrum over a dusty specimen of Randia echinocarpa is all-too common when ignorant 'greenhorn' botanists like myself attempt to identify many common Mexican plants.

In contrast to heavy botanical tomes, the authors of A Handbook of Mexican Roadside Flora offer a plant guide designed specifically for travellers, based on questions received at the University of Arizona about common roadside plants, trees and shrubs seen throughout Mexico. In addition to a brief overview of Mexico's geography and vegetation, the book has a simple plant key, a basic botanical glossary, a good reference list and many line drawings.

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