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Published 2007

Dear Carl and Lorena,

My friend Katie and I (two women in our late 20's) are planning a 2 month trip "through" Mexico, leaving in Feb. We are thinking about driving from the US-Mexico border at Nuevo Loredo and down the Gulf Coast to the Yucatan. We are planning on making a documentary along the way of sustainable communities (i.e. communities that are ecologically, culturally and perhaps even economically sustaining themselves).

My questions are as follows:

1. In your opinions, is it safe for 2 women in an older honda civic sedan to drive in Mexico...neither of us speak Spanish fluently, and we don't have a dog(!).

2. What are some of the necessary steps to take in bringing a car to Mexico as far as int'l insurance, and dealing with roadblocks and authorities goes?

3. Do you know if we could sell our car (registered in the US) once we get to Mexico?

4. Can you recommend a good English language news website that we could log into to read about current events in Mexico?

5. Do you know of any communities along the Gulf Coast who are using ecologically centered ideals and/or have created jobs for themselves that sustain their culture (and keep their families intact instead of outsourcing members to other countries)?

I very much appreciate your website and check it often for new postings. Thanks so much for getting back to me when you have the chance,


Carl replys:

Hello Britt,

I see no reason why your proposed trip won't be safe and successful, especially if you carefully read our book, The People's Guide To Mexico. If you aren't near a bookstore, look for the latest edition (the 13th edition was just released) at -- there is a link, of course, from our website.

The People's Guide answers all of your questions (but one) -- and a lot more you haven't yet asked!

For the one question not covered in detail... About the ecologically centered communities, please see Ron Mader's excellent website, Planeta:

I also suggest that you purchase car insurance from one of the agencies that advertises on our website -- all of them are quite reputable and helpful.

Carl Franz

Britt again:

Thank you for the suggestions; I am planning on buying your book.

I wanted to quickly mention that I came across a new (Nov '06) English newspaper in Mexico with online access through their website. It's called "Inside Mexico" and the website is: They are based in Mexico City and target the over 1 million English speakers from the North Americas. Maybe you already know about it. Some interesting info but not yet very substantial.

Thanks again and Feliz Navidad, Britt


I really appreciate your tip about Inside Mexico. As you say, the content isn't all that substantial, but considering the dearth of publications in English on Mexico I'm sure many people will welcome this one.


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